Monday, June 1, 2009

Big Weekend!

After hosting Bunco on Thursday, I spent all day Friday getting set up for my garage sale. What a chore!!! When Brian got home we went to work getting things out that he was willing to part with. He got rid of so much stuff that I was waiting for him to put a price on me!! He has no attachment to anything while I have a memory and a fondness for Everything! Once you start purging, however, it's very freeing to detach yourself from "things"

We were up at 6:00, which is my least favorite time of day, and started setting things out and putting up signs. I purposely leave my address out of the newspaper ad so that I don't get people showing up an hour early. Once the signs go up though, it's a free-for-all!!! We had steady business all day. Normally I'm tired of the whole thing by noon and shut down, but I had lots to do outside and stayed open all day. My last customer came at 6:00 and bought a $40.00 item! I did nearly half of my business after 1:00!! All total, we brought in $650.00! Not bad for a bunch of junk!

Now I can head to the Farmchicks and fill everything back up again!!!! (Not Really!) We're excited to take off - only a few more days!
Yesterday we went to church, test drove a new Ford Edge, which we really liked, but didn't buy, and then went to a graduation party for our friend Averyl. This girl is amazing!! Valedictorian, National FFA winner, Varsity every sport and going to Central on a Volleyball scholarship, Student government and Leadership. She's done it all and done it very well! Congratulations Averyl!!
Got the lawn mowed ( I know I shouldn't mow on Sunday, but no time), laundry done and dried on the clothesline, and the house straightened up. Everyone was on their own for dinner!!
Today the grand piano went to it's new home, freeing up a large space...yea!!! Put the soaker hoses on all the berries, did some watering, went to the bank and library, balanced the checkbook and thawed some steak for dinner! Tyler has his last full day of school today and then finals for a few hours for the next three days. Can't believe the school year is over!
It's beautiful and gorgeous today and should be this way all week, but hopefully I'll get to relax in it a little more!


  1. Would've walked down and bugged you if I had known about the garage sale :-)!! We were busy getting ready for the grad party on Sunday - and we survived!! 2 down.................1 to go! She graduates from 8th tomorrow night - wierd!

  2. Did you get rid of the Star Wars Jedi wanna be?
    Terry is going to be coming this weekend for sure!!
    I can't wait for that overwhelming fusion of creativity and delightful displays. Also, thanks for changing your music!!!! I hope you have your Farm Chick outfits picked out for each day and Traci, if you are reading this---you need to come with us and wear your red shirt with the white poka dots. (You really have been a Farm Chick all along!!) Who else can I connect with here in Holly's comment central? Tami, how's the stitchery coming? Meg, your artwork is simply breathtaking!!!
    Holly, make sure you're stretching your hand!!!

  3. I am tired for you! But so happy that you made all of that cashola for the Farm Chick's Sale.

    The piano, didn't it get played or have sentimental value?

    I am going to have a garage sale too, just as soon as I get going!

  4. have a GREAT time at the Farm Chicks.
    i'm going to be living vicariously thru you so you'd better take TONS of pictures!! i'll be thinking of you girls.
    be safe.

  5. Hi Holly! Can't wait to meet you at the Farm chicks! Stop by and get a Today's Country Store button.(space20)
    See you Soon