Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farmchicks...Part 2

Welcome to the 2nd half of the blog...sorry so many pictures! If you only saw how many I didn't put on!!! First of all, I forgot to show what Lynda got at the show, first day mind you!!!! I had read that the Sisters on the Fly were going to be attending the show and camping, but didn't see them anywhere. Thought they'd be on the fairgrounds. I did, however, run into two ladies at the show with denim jackets that had sisters on the fly stitched onto them. I have to say that in recent years I've become a much bolder person and realize that many times you only get one chance at things. I figure that God puts me in situations for a reason and I may as well follow His lead!!! So I approached these ladies and struck up a conversation and before I knew it, Fran had invited us all to Riverside State Park to visit and see what they were all about!!! We jumped all over that invite and after dinner we set out to find them.
We arrived at the park and saw 4 trailers right off, parked the car and set out for a visit. Alas, no one was around and while we were disappointed, we figured we'd look around a bit!!!!
Came across this lovely site right off! ow welcoming and inviting! such beautiful decor and adorable little home!

This lady had her own lettuce patch growing (quite well, I might add) right on the table!

This beautiful quilt was spread out on another picnic table, which I had seen in Maryjane's magazine. Figured it was one of the ladies' that had made it. Couldn't imagine eating on such elegance!!

This was the back end of another trailer. How fun to do dishes when you have red granite ware!!!

We made ourselves slightly at home and posed at every one, and snooped in quite a few windows too!!! This trailer was darling, with old movie posters painted all over it.
As we were getting ready to leave, the camper next to these trailers came out to talk with us...probably thought we were nuts and had better check us out! We told him why we had come and that we hoped there would be somebody around. He said they were all down below at the campfire and he'd show us the way! Yes sir!!!!

Bliss...no other words to describe this enjoyable and incredible scene! Don't you want to just sit down and have a bite to eat? Every site was this inviting, all decorated to the hilt! We saw Fran and she gave us a big hug and introduced us. We met Theresa who seemed to be the official welcoming committee and showed us all around. She gave us the history of the organization, took us into trailer's, took our picture and invited us to join!!!

This is Sister#79, Queen Pamelot! How cute is this? Notice the old thermos jug turned into a light! Saw a few of those. Cowboy boots everywhere!

This is the inside of her trailer! I want to know where she puts all this stuff when it's time to go to bed!! It was so cute inside!

This is Theresa in front of Pam's trailer. She's pointing to all of the signatures on the red part! By the way, Theresa's trailer is the one with all of the movie posters.

We all flocked to Cindy's trailer as it had icicle lights hanging around it, was red and just looked very festive!!! Cindy makes cute little ponies out of cork for all the sisters and we each got one too!! Thanks Cindy!

Inside Cindy's trailer. ADORABLE!!! She totally renovated it and it turned out so cute! Barnwood on the ceiling and as shelves, appliances and the toilet bright red! It's rare to find one with a potty so she's a lucky gal! Cute quilt, pillows and curtains!

Cindy and Theresa

Here's Fran, standing, around the campfire. They were starting a meeting and we were getting ready to leave. Theresa said that Maryjane Butter's was there earlier and we realized that it was her quilt and campsite that we had been at earlier!!! What a thrill!!!

Remember that bold part I spoke of earlier? I figured we may as well go back up to her campsite and introduce ourselves. She could always tell us to get lost, but maybe not !!! So, off we went. I was the only one willing to get out of the car, but went right up to her and started chatting! What a dear, precious lady!! So kind and welcoming and very willing to chat. Her assistant Renee was with her and also very kind! She started pulling out posters and bumper stickers, invited us to the upcoming show!! by this time Lynda had decided to join in, but the other's stayed in the car! Renee went and gave them goodies as well and talked with them for a bit! We had such a nice visit with both of them and MJ gave us each a kiss on the cheek as we left!!!!

Took some pictures, which I will treasure always!!! Most people love the big celebrities, but give me the down home country girls any day. They know what's important and what matter's and mostly how to be a friend. Isn't that what it's all truly about? I called home an left a message that this was the BEST day of my life!!!!! Such a joy to be a part of everything, with my girls and meeting new and wonderful people!

Sunday we headed back to the show, after carefully packing up! I had bought a table the day before that I needed to pick up and wanted to look around too! We all ended up finding more treasures! Thank goodness we had Terry's van!!!

Thought we'd get a pic of our chick bracelets!
All for one and one for all, except when it came to our goodies! Could have been some battle's!! he he!!

Forgot to rotate this pic, but it is of Teri's mom! We asked her why she was standing in line and she said she just couldn't go up front with all these people waiting!!! We told her she was the mother of the famous one and to push ahead!!! Didn't even want to have her photo taken, as she didn't want Teri to know she was in line!! She knows now!!! Soon Teri's dad shows up and says, "what are you doing in line? Let's get going!!!" and off she went! Ran into her a few more times at the show and she was cute as can be!

Our last minute purchases!

At last we made it to the car. Had to unload and re-pack everything! It was a tight squeeze, but everything fit! You can't see it but at the last minute I bought a chicken crate too and that was the end of it! NO MORE ROOM!!!!

We had a great time as you can see by our smiling faces!!! Can't wait til next year!

Thanks Teri and Serena...we'll be back!!!

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  1. Fun Stuff!! Someday you and Karen will have to come over for a visit! I miss that girl!! What are sisters on the fly all about? And, lastly, to get rid of a picture, right click on it and then click on cut! That should do 'er!

  2. OOOOHHH!!! Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou! I love living through your pictures Holly. All I can say is that you gals know how to have fun and some time soon I'm gonna go with ya!!! If you'll have me... Let's see,deleting pictures... I think you do it as your loading them. It gives you an option to delete them. I'll pay closer attention next post ...Which you can see tomorrow. The berry winner will be revealed!!! I can't wait to show you.
    Love ya Sistahhh.

  3. OOPS!!! I was on Nates account. Nate did not write that! Meagan did...silly me.

  4. That is so darn cute -I can't even stand it :) Looks like a great time...now on my list of things to do>

  5. it looks like you girls had way to much fun!!! i love all the treasures you found. i love your home, holly. it is warm and wonderful!!! and now even that much cuter...can't wait to visit again soon. =)

  6. Yes Holly, Bailey and Max =Fran #487. Just put the blog up. Working on the next outing next week in Oregon. 45 sisters with 32 trailers! Check out champoeg09.blogspot. Loved your pics with Mary Jane and how great you got to meet her. You've got the right attitude to life, keep it up and you'll never have a dull moment!

  7. Holly,
    I hope you got a phone call from Mary Jane too asking to do a cover for her autumn magazine spread featuring us, our blooming friendship and our pumpkin tree whimsies.
    I'm off to Edaleen Dairy...looks like I left my entire purse there last night. What a ding dong move.
    Love ya,

  8. Okay, I need to get busy on my trailer. I had lost the zest to restore that tin can but now the ideas are swirling in my brain. Love the trailers and all the stuff!