Saturday, June 26, 2010

Petite Retreat 2010

Today Hubby and I took a drive to Camano Island for Deb Kennedy's Retreat sale. It was such a gorgeous day!!

She had things displayed so beautifully! I am now the proud owner of the red thermos jug and the "1947" athletic letter!!!! I have collected so many of these letters, not knowing what I'd do with them, but I LOVE them! Very nostalgic to me!!! I can't imagine getting rid of mine, so I can't understand why so many of them are out there, unwanted and unloved!!!! Don't worry, if I find them, they'll come home with me!!!!Another cute display...could you come and decorate my house Deb??

Love this chalkboard with all of the events she'll be at over the next few months. Hopefully I'll see her at one or two of them!
I would like this stove to be in my summer kitchen...when I get one! You can almost smell the aroma of a pie baking in the oven!

Pots, jars, baskets...sooo pretty!

This event was not only free, but refreshments were provided courtesy of the show. The sidewalk says it all!!

This water looked stunning!!!! It was so refreshing, with just a hint of berry flavor. I'm thinking 4th of July??

Liz from Seabold Vintage Market was there too. I LOVE her new children's clothing line, named Hattie Bird after her daughter. I want clothes like this!!!!!

Liz always has the most amazing things and her displays are incredible! I wanted to curl up and take a nap on this bed!!

Check out the basket on this bike!!! You could do some serious shopping with this b

My favorite display! I just love that red suitcase and you all know how I feel about whisk brooms!!!

I only came away with a few things, plus a few more from some antique stores we stopped at. I got 2 yard gates at a garage sale, but failed to take pictures of all of these things!!!!
Visited with some cousins on Camano after the sale and then meandered our way towards home!
We stopped for lunch in LaConner...sat on a deck near the water and enjoyed the sunshine!
Took Chuckanut Drive home. It goes all along the water all the way to Bellingham. So pretty!!!
Garden News:: Picked my first cauliflower and broccoli yesterday, lettuce too! Made for a yummy salad! Got the peas strung-broke many as they were already so tall:( Lots and lots of strawberries and the raspberries are just coming on!! That's all for now!!!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. Holly, you are so sweet! We were so happy to see you today, and thank you so much for sharing your day and such great photos here on your blog... we think you captured our event very well! ;0)

    Deb @ Retreat

  2. I had no idea this was on Camano Island. Looks like the next one is Sept. 18th. Maybe a cabin weekend with antique hunting and scrap booking time for the mamas?

  3. Holly . . .

    It was soooo good to see you on Saturday at Petite Retreat . . . I am so glad you came out for it on such a beautiful day!! :) It was such a special place for a vintage market . . . I always love being outside in the sunshine!

    Love your updates on your Garden . . . I grew up canning with my mom . . . cherries, pickles, peaches . . . and such - you really do have the perfect life!! Can't wait for the harvest post :)

    xoxo - liz

  4. Your husband goes with you? Wow!! Our garden is coming along - a BIT behind yours, but I love how cute corn rows look at this stage! I'd push for the outdoor kitchen - in a summer like this it's the only way to enjoy being outside - UNDER COVER! :-)

  5. Time for garden pictures, gardener extraordinaire! I want to see the beauty!!

  6. THanks for sharing this beautiful event! The pictures made me feel like I was there for a minute! Happy gardening~

  7. O wow.... that looks like so much fun! Im kinda changing my decorating style to more modern, but its always fun to go to those fun place and look! The huge glass juice jar is way cool!!!
    Have a great day !!!

  8. Yay im going with Tami in September! Looks amazing!

  9. Holly,
    Love all the cute photos; You have good taste. Guess What????? You won the Amy Butler Handbag!!! I have lost track of your phone number; but I'll get it from Terry. I will get it to you soon, maybe I can drop it off at the library...we might be moving this month cause our landlord is selling. My new and improved "Wordpress" site should be ready for visitors in a week or so. Hope you stop by!

  10. Holly, thanks for the idea. I honestly hadn't thought of attaching a tag to something for their name~ that's a great idea. Note to self! I love the display pics on your last post. Great ideas. Loving your older post I looked back on. I have added you to my favorites and honest to goodness, when I was a little girl I so wanted to be a Walton. One of my two favorite shows, Little House on the Prairie was the other!! Love that simpler time. I will be back often. Thanks again for the idea!