Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day One: Part Two

After leaving the Farm Chicks show we decided to take a trip to Couer d' Alene, Idaho and see what we could find there. It was a gorgeous day and so beautiful in Couer d' Alene. Of course, I didn't get a picture of the lake, which was glowing, or the pretty park and beach area, or the great outdoor bistros, but I did whip my camera out for this Beautiful, little store!!!! MARYJANE BUTTER'S FARM STORE!!!!! It was so pretty and farmy and cozy!!

That wall is red, but it turned out pink in every picture!

I love all the white and the awesome laundry tubs!

A great idea for your old ironing board...Aprons!

This was a sweet picture hanging on the wall. Isn't this little girl adorable? Cleaning the eggs in that enamelware pan!

The clerk took a picture for us...can't remember her name, but she was very sweet!!

We went to a few (lousy) antique shops and then we happened upon this little diddy!!! The cutest, whimsical little store, full of bright colors, but so cozy and fun!

The counter tops are made of doors! There is a periwinkle one and an apple green one too! Fun for a sewing room!

I wanted to crawl into this bed!!!! I love the daisies hanging all around!

More cute stuff!! I think it's time for some new bedding too!!

Wouldn't this make a cute little homework desk? I love how it mounts to the wall!

Sorry I'm dragging this out, but I have so many pictures and don't want to overwhelm anyone!!!!
We had a great dinner at Olive Garden, did a little browsing at Border's and TJ Maxx. The best part?? Karen has now been to Idaho!!!


  1. Very fun trip for you! Maryjane's store looks like toooo many choices.
    Good thing you have a new old ironing board and a few aprons.
    I love it that you are taking us along with you day by day on your trip.

  2. I need to go shopping with you girls sometime! You find the best places!

  3. What - no picture of you crawling in the bed?!?! Fun Stuff! Were all those stores in Couer D'alaine?

  4. Holly, you guys found some treasures of some stores! I love all those photos!! Have you guys been to downtown Sumner before? They have some pretty cutsy shops!

    I'm trying to convince Erin to come this way for a visit this summer and we will all have to meet, I'm so envious ;)

  5. Man, where exactly was all this great fun? I think I need to pack up my troupe of friends and head your way! Seems like everyone is too busy for long trips though. I like the cut off table also. I'll have to show hubs and keep my eyes open. Looks like your are having a great summer so far. How is your garden growing?

  6. Are the wheels in your head still spinning away-trying to remember all those wonderful, creative ideas??? You found some wonderful stores!! Same time next year!! I'm a new Farm Chick fan!!!

  7. I love Daisy J's and Coeur d' Alene...glad you had so much fun and that the weather cooperated for your day trip=)!

  8. Love all the daisy stuff, of course! Ahhhh! You guys/gals went to heaven without me. boo-hoo! Did you hear that there's a new Farm Chick store? (moaning)
    Love ya, Melanie