Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Big Day!!

The morning of the "Big Day" shone brightly!!! Guess there was a gull -washer the day before during set-up. The line wasn't too bad when we got there, but by the time the show opened there were two lines all the way to the road.
We were in line right behind Dixie and Linda, the Funky Junk Sisters. They are so fun and we had a ball hanging out with them! They were taking pictures and video and talking with EveryONE!!!
Miss Serena, the Farm Chick herself, came out and handed out flyer's and chatted with everyone. She is such a doll!! Always a smile on her face and a kind word for thankful for people coming to her show.

One of my favorite booths, The Seven Sisters!! They are so adorable and fun!!! And, they make the BEST desserts Ever!!!

I met my blogging buddy, Erin, from "Home's Where my Heart Is". She lives in Spokane and it was such a joy to actually meet in person!!! Isn't she a doll? Wish we'd had more time to chat, but it was really hectic in there!!! Nice to meet you Erin!!

Here's Hollie and her mom, Gayle and her friend whose name I don't know!!! I've been buying from Hollie since the first F.C. show that I attended down in Fairfield. She always has great stuff and reasonable prices, plus she's a dear, sweet lady!!!! Her mom and I actually took a quilting class together at the Buggy Barn. Small world!!

This year, there was a man cave set up in the silo, complete with couches, recliners and flat screen TV's!! Great idea!

Loved these dear people as much as I loved their sign!!! I picked up their card, but can't find it now and don't remember who they were!!! Hope they are there next year though!! I bought the matching door so that I could put my own stencil on it. Not sure what it's going to say...any ideas??

Junebug Designs always has a great booth too!

Lot's of burlap this year!

Loved this!! Stencils, burlap, duck cloth...all very farmy and beachy!

It was so crowded that we only stayed until one o'clock, but we found some great things!!! We went back to the hotel and had some lunch. Then we headed to Couer d' Alene for a little adventure!!!
Stay tuned!!!


  1. I've never heard of this show before but have read lots about it on other blogs. Where is it?

  2. Um Holly? The door? It has to say SOMETHING about the Walton's on it. It just HAS to. :)

    Love the post. Was SO good meeting you and Lynda. I wish we could have sat down and visited. I hope we can do that at the next sale.


  3. Very fun pictures, thanks for sharing!! It was fun to see the show through your eyes=)..

  4. Wish I could have been there. Next week going to Indiana to visit my folks. I'll be doing some consignment shops and flea markets with my sis. Loved the pictures.