Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My neighbor's creating a LOT of work!!!!

A lack of posting has occurred. Why, you ask???
Because of my "sweet" neighbor and his big, orange toy. Oh, and my hubby's thinking out loud!

We have wanted to add some beds to the front of the property for awhile now. Nothing grows near the road as there is a lot of gravel there. We were thinking some river rock, beds, a split rail, plants, etc.
Hubby mentioned this to Mr. V. He was more than happy to help!!!
We have a little project creep! But looking at Mt. Baker in the background makes projects like this more enjoyable!
Sometimes hubby and I (mostly I) put things off because of the daunting amount of work involved, which is why we've been planning to do this for almost three years and nothing to show for it.
This is where the big, orange toy comes in.
He had the yard dug up in no time! Plowed all pretty and neat as can be.

I ordered the rock and had it dumped on Saturday morning. I was conveniently garage saling at the time!!! I was only gone for a few hours, but again, Mr. V. came over and pushed all the rock in place!!
Went and got a load of fence posts and rails and B and T made short work of things!

Fence up in a day!! I stained it as fast as they put it up, but forgot that picture!!

We figured since we have the post hole digger, we may as well add some fence up the shop driveway!

And, while we're at it, let's add an arbor!! Brian's dad came over to help. B loves to create and come up with things on the spot. He has a plan...let's see if it works!

Beautiful!!!! I think there will be some grapes growing on this thing. He has two more planned.

It's been so rainy that I haven't been able to finish staining, but we have moved a lot of plants and put in new ones!
The creeping of this project has involved moving many plants, which leaves holes, which need to be leveled and in some cases, grass planted!
Next up? A few new beds, finishing the arbors, staining and some compost!!
Kudo's to hubby for his go - get- em attitude. Mine is more of a take - a - napper one!!


  1. I am so impressed. Nothing ever happens that fast for me. We try but not that fast. Amazing work and it looks great.

  2. Holly, I just love the views in those background photos!
    Have so much fun with that Tractor ;)

  3. I love it!! I'm so sorry I missed you the other day :( I tried calling you later but your phone never went to voicemail. I'd love to see you and catch up. Do you have anytime this week? Give me a ring and we'll sort something out :)

  4. We'll have to walk down (when the sun reappears) and check out the latest! Randy's done a ton of work in our yard too!! Now if we could just some sun and heat and we could go outside and enjoy it all?!?!?!

  5. Looks really beautiful, Holly!
    Show us the plants when they are settled in the beds!

  6. My goodness, look at your view! I am blown away you got all that done in 1 day, that is amazing! No wonder my neighbor Bob has all those tractor and 4 wheel toys. I'm finally getting it.

    :) Thanks for sharing the great pics.

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