Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Farm Chicks...getting there...

Heading off for a weekend of fun!!!!!

Terry, Lynda and Karen...
Myself, Lynda and Karen!!!!
Ready to go!!! Can't wait to get started!!!! We stopped in Monroe for a little break and ran into fellow "chicks"!!! Barb, my son's boss, her daughter Lisa and her friend Fran. The clerk was kind enough to take our picture!
We got some great scrap booking goodies! What a great store! Wish we had one closer.

We stopped at Apple Annie's in Cashmere and I bought a really cool Thermos...no photo. I'll tell you more about the Thermos in the next few days. It's not pretty!!
The store had a cute display in front...the only documentation of this stop!!
We had lunch at Studebaker's, a cute 50's diner attached to the store.

We also stopped at Yesteryear Quilting in Waterville. It's such a cute store. I think I have some photos of it from last year too. Terry was being funny and cute!! Got some fun 30's print fabric here.

Next stop was Davenport to see my Grammy!!
It was so great to see her!! She'll be 90 in December and is the love of my life!! I have so many wonderful memories of growing up near her and all the visits and sleepovers we had. One of these days, grammy is going to get her own post!

Looking at all the family pictures on her "picture wall". Had some good laughs over some of them!

My grammy is such a doll baby!!!! She's only about 4'10''...I feel like a giraffe next to her!!! But she's so cute and cuddly!!

All my "besties" with my grammy Helen!

She walked with us out the door and waved from the porch! Tears were flowing inside the car at this point!!!!

Thanks, my friends, for stopping for a visit with my gram...I know she loved it as much as I did!!
More Farm Chicks to come later!!!


  1. Hello Holly!

    Now it looks like you have a wonderful life, better then the Walton's! Love your blog to! You did a great job on your fencing!!!!

    For printing the e-book, I used a heavy cardstock (110 lb.) Suprisingly I did not run out of any of the colors of ink! It printed up so pretty and clear. I printed them out to the size of a 8x11 inch. Good luck!

    Your Grandmother is darling!


  2. My Grandma was 4'10 too - I think it use to be a Grandma "requirement" :-). Fun trip - I was supposed to go with the GF girls but obviously I couldn't! Maybe next year!

  3. Hi!! remember me from PW line??! he he! I am so envious you went to Farm Chicks! I can only dream that next year I will finally get to go! =) Your grammy is sweet and so are your friends for stopping in to see her! Did you come home with any farm chick finds?? =)

  4. You put tears in my eyes! Thanks for posting pictures of our Amazing Grammy! She is such an inspiration!
    As are you!