Saturday, June 12, 2010

The End of the First Day!

It's taken me all week, but we're finally to the end of day one at the Farm Chicks!!!

Karen found my favorite thing of the sale...isn't this the best???? Not sure where I'm going to put it, but it must be a place of honor!!! Thanks for you eagle eyes Karen!!! If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that we have a tradition amongst our group.
Lynda started this and thank goodness she makes us do it because it often results in hysterics, quick potty breaks, and over heating!

We all have to set up and display our purchases that we have acquired on our trip...from everywhere we have purchased something.

We'll start off with Terry's display...
Now to be completely fair, the lunchbox is Lynda's. Terry was being sneaky!! But please take note of the red lantern. The FIVE DOLLAR red lantern!!!! That was Terry's favorite purchase, and all for the bargain price of FIVE DOLLARS!!! Did I mention it was FIVE DOLLARS??
I'd like you to also take note of the small thermos. Remember how I told you there was a thermos story here??
Keep reading, it will come out...

Karen and her lovely display and cheerful smile!!!!
Karen shops very carefully on our trips, usually looking for one or two particular items. She has been looking for a large wooden bowl for quite some time now and wouldn't you know that she found one in the first booth she went to...and she talked them down from $25 to $2o!!! Her favorite purchase!!!!
There was, however, a slight accident involving the bowl as it was being taken out of the car.
A clean break it was and Karen assured the dropper of the bowl that it could be easily repaired and was only for display purposes!!!! Karen was not present at the accident, but I must admit that the dropper was HORRIFIED at what happened!!! Two of us were in hysterics while wailing and moaning was happening nearby. Sorry Karen, but I wish you could have seen it!!!! I won't reveal the name of the dropper, but she is adorable, and forgiven!!!

Some of the items in Karen's display were donations from the bowl breaker!!! Trying to make things better!!! Again, two of us in hysterics while this is going on!!!!
Karen came up with a new display for her "bowls" which we all quite liked!

Lynda got quite a few goodies, including that cute little dustpan that I covet!!!! I guess the big thermos was hers too. That Terry, always sneaking others goodies!!!

Sorry you're eyes are closed, Linny, but I only took one picture! I wish I had Lynda on video when she was telling us about everything. She is so funny!!! I can't begin to describe how entertaining she is, but I promise you she was a hoot!!

My Walton sign kept falling off my door, knocking things over and being irritable!! I love old school supplies and scrapbooky stuff! Now, take a good look at my thermos. Pretty huh??? I collect old Thermos's and I didn't think I had this one. It was very shiny, had a "Bakelite" lid, and a cork. I debated on whether or not to get it, as it was $12, and I don't normally spend that much. But, after some deliberation, I put my money down!!!!
Remember Terry's thermos? The one that looks like mine??? She got hers for $2...yes...I know...bummer for me, but Yea for her!!!!
To make matters worse, I already have this thermos...on my kitchen... You'd think I would have known this. This was my "regret" purchase!! We all seem to have one!!
Okay, only one more day. Not so many pictures, but it may take two posts. I don't want to bore you with a lOOOONg post. You're probably already tired of this, but it will be over soon!!!!
Have a great weekend!!


  1. I love that you displayed everything for us to see. The Walton sign, how very cool is that. I expect it will find a place of honor for sure! Everyone got a lot of neat things.

  2. That Walton sign is so cool!!!! I just love old farm style things - they are so neat and remind me of my days in Ohio!!!

    Thanks for such a great post!

  3. Fun to see you and your fellow chicks stuff!!!
    I tried to get our flock to display our goodies but they were all too tired!! We talked instead....Come see my chairs some day!!

  4. I am so honored that I got to see that awesome sign in person!! What have you decided to do with the door?

  5. Love the Walton Way sign . . . it is perfect!!! I love it when you post about all the things you got . . . soooo fun!! . . . liz

  6. Hi There!! I am Lila with Apron Strings Productions and Amanda and I just wanted to tell you what a true pleasure it was to meet you and your friend! Check out her cute picture on our blog..she is ADOREABLE!!! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments and support it mean the world to us!! You are terrific!!!!

  7. Holly, You are Hilarious!!!! What fun you girls must have had! and what great treasures! What was more fun? - the friends or the treasures? I've got to get to that Farm Chicks Show one year...I need to start saving my pennies in a jar!
    Hope we get together again soon with the girls. By the way, I'm setting up to make aprons with that fabric from the thrift store. Gotta go! TA Ta!

  8. Oooooo !!! I love what you bought at FC ! I too missed seeing you, but as you can tell , we were busy with wedding!! I have been so bad about blogging, but now that summer is here (minus the sunny warm weather!) I can catch up and get back to it! Thanks for the kind words on my blog, Im going to have to look at your pics again !!!
    Have a great week !!

    Ps... tell all your FC friends hi from me :)