Sunday, July 11, 2010

Delayed 4th of July and a New Family Member

Let me start this post by introducing you to Abby. Isn't she cute????

I don't know if I've mentioned how abysmal the garage sales have been here in Lynden...really, really awful, but that's another story! Anyway, last Saturday as I was "saling" I went to a house that had a free kitty. Unfortunately I dared to look, hold and snuggle and despite the phone call to my hubby asking if I should take her (he said "no") I asked if I could take her on a 30 minute trial basis!!! (the garage sales are bad, but Lynden people are the best!) So home we went and home she stayed!!We were worried that our other cat, Jackson, wouldn't like her, but he was quite enthralled, snuggling with her, licking her and following her around. They napped in the garden for a few hours, cute as can be!

We were having a family get-together down at the farm later that day, so of course she had to go with us! Tyler couldn't come so this is her in his pocket after he got off work!
Ashleigh was trying to figure out how to keep her, in her rented house! Aunt Meagan offered to keep her at her house!

My nephew thought that would be okay!

Brian's parents have a place on the Stillaguamish River near Arlington, so we all got together for a day of food, games and visiting.
Brad and Shelly (B's brother and sister) don't look too thrilled to see me with the camera!

This is my SIL Meagan, with a cousin, Mary, whom we'd never met. Mary is an artist and she and Meagan had a lot to talk about. She was such a dear! She took us out to her little studio and showed us all her work. Very talented, she is!

This is her husband, Gene, Brian's dad, Ron and Mary. They have lot's one house apart from each other. Gene and Mary are in their early eighties and look so good!!! So does my handsome FIL! He'll be 75 next month. I wish I looked that good now!!!

Playing in the river with the dogs, BJ and Harley

Many games of Cornholes later....

A little bit of whiffle ball....

Lots of motorcycle riding, food, campfire, s'mores, etc!!!!
A fun day and by far the best weather we've had in days.

We woke up on the 4th to 50 degree weather!! It was soo cold!!!!! Windy, grey skies, wasn't looking good for our BBQ at the Shindruks, but by 5:30 it was a little warmer...maybe 60!

This little guy didn't seem to mind, as long as the crackers and dip were nearby!! His name eludes me at this moment , but sooo cute!!! He came from Korea at 10 months, and is 21 months now. Love his All-American outfit!

The coats and sweatshirts give testimony to the weather-the goofy guys in shorts don't count!!! Swimming (in the heated pool), bocce ball, a nice campfire and lots of fireworks made for a fun day...oh yea, and the food, the best part, aside from being with friends!!

It started warming up around 7:00 and the sun actually made an appearance!
Alexa made this cute table display! A reminder of the amazing country we live in! What a blessing!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!


  1. ok, Abbey is just to cute!! Those eyes would make anyone melt. Can't get over the temp you all had on the 4th! Course it rained here in Kansas and we caneled the fireworks display until next yr. Just love the post with the vintage campers too!

  2. I just love Abby, she is SUCH a sweet doll. I love how you brought her home for a trial and she and big brother bonded right away.

    The little boy from Korea melts my heart..he is way to precious. He and Abby would make quite a team.

    Happy belated 4th!!

  3. HAPPY BELATED 4TH!! That new kitten looks just adorable!!! Enjoy

  4. What a sweet kitten. Just want to reach out and grab it up. We have an older male cat and he is such a grouch. We would not dare bring home a kitten. When we got Ladybug the cat moved to the basement and I do not think he has came up more than once. It is a walkout so he has sun and everything he would have up here except not a lot of company. Pity. That is what happens when your a grouch. Looks like you had a great time with you family.

  5. Cute kitty - don't let Emily see - she'll kidnap it!! Looks like a great weekend, great pictures and memories!

  6. Ahhh really cute kitty! I think its fun to be spontaneous:)