Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wild Weather

Snow, that's right, you heard it, Snow. What is up with that? I was telling my husband the other night, that spring is definately on the way because the frogs have started up with their noise. We have a pond on our property and LOTS and LOTS of frogs. When the weather starts getting nice, they start their mating calls and they've started. So, no more snow please!!
I was going to go to Spokane tomorrow, but a winter advisory is in effect for the mountains and chains are required. I hate chains.
The State B Basketball tournement is over there and I wanted to go and watch the Davenport Gorillas. Such memories of my youth at those games. Mostly of looking at all the cute boys with my best friend and cousin, Annette. We'd get all prettied up and flash our brightest smiles and flirt til the lights went out! Oh, the fun we had!!! Now the children of these boys are playing and it would have been fun to take a stroll down memory lane. Maybe the weather will improve tomorrow! Go Gorilla's!!

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