Monday, March 23, 2009


Last Saturday, I came across this darling woman out on the road, all alone, looking for a lift. It turns out that her husband has just married his assistant and she had been a witness to the whole thing.

Okay, so her husband is a minister, she was a guest and she was just waiting for me to pick her up for our outing to the quilt shop! But wasn't she cute? This is my BFF Lynda and her dear husband Roger. For the record, they are very, happily married!!

There is this cute little chapel in Bow where the wedding took place. All wooden pews and a bell in the belfry. Wish we could have rung that bell!!! There were two little rockers in the little room on the side. I could imagine church services of old, with mothers rocking their babies in those chairs, trying to keep their babies quiet during services. A potluck scheduled after. It smelled like those old churches, where so much activity had happened. Weddings, Christenings, Teas and Funerals. Happy times and sad times. What a lovely place to gather!

Lynda and I had a nice outing. Went to some of our favorite places- Cotton Pickins, Homeward Bound, Calico Creations, which was closed, and the finale....Target! It was a great day!!



  1. What a great little church. Maybe someday we will get to shoot a wedding there.

  2. Very sweet post, funny too.
    I love to go to Targets that are not in our town, better stuff. Hope you found some treasures!

  3. holly....
    i love these two people!! and i LOVE your blog...i'm following you. :)

  4. You are so observant!! I didn't even notice the rocking chairs. I also didn't envision the potlucks. Let's let everyone know we're looking for a little chapel in Lynden to buy and run as a side business that would not interfere with our nap schedules. It needs to be utterly adorable and very quaintly old (no disgusting clean-up, please). We also need it to be very maybe free. We'll be willing to take it off of your tired hands.
    Signed, co-future chapel owner, Betty Burke