Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday!

My Baby, my little boy. The time has gone by so quickly. Today Tyler is 15 years old. Amazing. Seems like only yesterday that lego's and cars were your constant companions, hugs in public were good things and you loved being at home with mom. My, how things have changed! Today you got on a plane to L.A. ,with your friend Max, to spend winter break in Disneyland. I got a hug on the way out the door,but no phone call to let me know you got there. No news is good news according to you! (Yes, I did make sure you got there!) Dad's there on business, but you guys are pretty much on your own. Weird.

You bring so much joy to my life! I don't know if you'll ever realize how much. You're smart, funny, polite and beautiful inside and out. Thank you for filling my heart with love. I know that God has something amazing in store for your life and it's a pleasure to watch Hime work in you. May you always know and feel His love, and mine. Happy Birthday Ty!


  1. So happy to she you plunge into blogland! Welcome dear friend.
    I am thrilled.
    Can't wait to see your pantry.
    And - um - warn Tyler he best be a good boy on his big trip or you will have fodder of his naughty deeds for blogland.
    See blogs are fun - and can serve more than one purpose...tee hee.
    Oh, and hope to see the fun from your Magic Room.

  2. Happy Birthday Tyler! I still think the mamas should have gone along to Disneyland. We could have blogged about it. Fun!
    I'll make you a tater tot casserole for your b-day when you get back!

  3. Hi, Holly Anne, wishing you were here to eat some warm bread. Thank you for loving Amsa so much!!!! It's no wonder she named her first doll after you!!
    Love, Verdeen Crumley, president of missionary council

  4. Holly, I'm just checking to see if I was successful in changing my name.
    We'll see if Karen sticks around. xoxox