Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness

Yes!!!! Both Sienna and Wisconsin just won their games in OT! This puts me back in 1st place in the family pool! I can be down in a flash so I have to post this ASAP!!!!!
Had a fun day with Ashleigh. Went to the craft show, again, and got a beautiful picture. It's even framed and hanging on my wall! Also got a bracelet for A's b-day next week. She got LOTS of fudge and a few cards. Later we went to Sole Obsession where my friend Tami,, who was working there for the day. We tried on copious amounts of shoes!! A girls dream! Took home two pair! (Paid for them first, of course!)
Tyler is at a Halo party down the street and Ashleigh is at work so hubby and I ate dinner in front of the TV and watched basketball. We know how to party! We even had ice cream!!

Good Night! Holly


  1. Sounds fun, Hol! Roj is marrying someone today and so we went to the rehearsal last night. It was true tragic comedy watching Roger lead this dear group of people. We may have to turn in our honorarium. Can't wait to see the picture!!! I'm proud of you for hanging it right away. Can't wait to see the shoes too. How fun. What a perfect day. Have a joy-filled weekend. Love, Lynda

  2. I went to the craft show today. I bought nests, got an idea, we'll see how that goes.
    I hope you like your shoes, they are so cute (brown) and pretty (black).

    Hopefully you can keep up your basketball picks momentum. Always fun to beat the guys!