Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today I met my friend, Lynda, at the Spring Craft and Antique show here in Lynden. We got there as the doors opened and right in the front was our favorite booth! We made a bee line for it and were greatly rewarded! Last year Lynda relieved them of all their really good stuff and this year I did the same ! We both love primitive, old wood and metal, and we found some of everything today! Lynda's house is adorable and I know that as soon as she walked in her door she found a spot for each and every treasure. I, on the other hand, promptly displayed everything for a picture to post, and my treasures will probably remain there, for what could be, days!! It was so much fun! I'm definately ready for garage sale season now. I've been inspired!!!

Wish I had thought to get the names of these dear ladies!

On a side note, I emailed the Farm Chicks,, last night with a question and to tell them how wonderful their new book is. This morning I had a note from Teri in my maibox! Such great service and such lovely ladies!

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  1. I love the Lyncs megaphone! I remember my aunts had them in high school.
    I think I am going to the show on Saturday, don't really have a minute until then. Better be something left!