Friday, March 13, 2009


I have a bad habit of procrastinating. I've done it all my life, hate it and hate it when others do it, but I have yet to find a cure.

I love to create and start new projects, but am not all that thrilled to finish them. So many new things that I want to make and create that I move on to the next project before the first one is finished.

Case in point, I love to do stitcheries. Fast, easy and portable, they are the perfect little diddy to have on hand. I have a project wall in my "happy room" on which I put unfinished projects to gently remind me to finish them. All of the projects on this wall are at least 2 years old. Recently I decided to get on the ball and finish a few of these items. Not one of them took me more than 5 minutes. Seriously. I needed a string of buttons on the lilac one, only a frame for the dandelion one and a tree trunk on the sampler. I painted 3 frames at the same time and they were DONE!!!! They could have been hanging on my wall years ago. So sad.

I wish I could say that I'm cured of this disease, but alas, no. My project wall is not as full, but it still has some things on it. A few quilts that need quilting, stitcheries that need framing and quilts in progress. Not to mention all of the new things that I want to start!!!!!!

If you have any miracle cures up your sleeve, please forward them.....and please don't procrastinate!!


  1. Good for you! I love the buttons on the trees. Here is my cure. Write on your blog that you are going to do something and then you have have to get it done. Accountability to your readers and all...

  2. I love those old looking stitcheries...cute!