Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Destination: Farm Chicks...part 2...The Hurd

Hurd of my favorite stores EVER!!! It's located in a Rockford, Washington, a little town south of Spokane. The store is nearly 10,000 square feet of eye candy!! I think I was here for about 2 hours!!! It's an old building divided up into "rooms", each with their own theme!

Lot's of pictures...definitely recommend a visit if you're over that way!!

Love this ladder!

The "white" room in progress. They were painting furniture while I was there! I want it all!!

Love the old trike!


Wish I would have gotten one of these signs...

Back to reality... off to work in the garden and finish up some painting!


  1. wow ~ i would love to go there!!

    thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment on my growth chart ~ i really appreciate it!! i think you could definitely "cheat" and write in the numbers from the baby books.....or save it a bunch of years for grandchildren! :)

  2. That place looks amazing! Wish I was closer!
    Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  3. I really like that trike, too. I have two old trikes in my yard. I need a third one, don't you think? I like those old scales, too. Wish I had room for something like that. Oh well, I guess it is a good thing I have a small house. It saves my pocketbook.


    I saw Linda on this Farm Chicks clip, and looked and looked for you, no deal.

    How are you liking the trike I brought to the library? So many groovy bikes at the museum right now. Lots of coveting goin' on.

    Vintage Retreat?

  5. How fun. I would have loved to spend two hours there with you. Did you bring anything home?