Friday, June 17, 2011

Destination: Farm Chicks...part 1

I don't know why it takes me so long to post about the fun things I do. It's not like I do a lot of them, so I'm not quite sure what my problem is!!

I went over to Spokane for the Farmchicks show a few weekends ago. I was by myself, as one friend couldn't go this year, and my other friends could only come for a day. So I went early and spent time with my dad and grandma and hit all the fun places that I wanted to see, that my friends aren't always interested in!!!

I took along Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels on CD and listened to it all the way there and back. Eleven hours of bliss!!!! Highly recommend this to anyone who enjoyed her book.

I digress...

I always take Highway 2 over as I love the views, and going through all the little farming towns. I like being able to stop anytime, anywhere, even the middle of the road to take a photo if I so choose!

Major wheat producers over there! Amber waves of grain, growing along the road.
I love taking scenic pictures when I go over. There is such a vastness that I can't begin to convey, but it is beautiful. You can see forever, it seeems.

Nothing like a big boulder in the middle of a field!! These were deposited during the Missoula floods which you can link to a little farther down...I'm not very good with the linky thing!!
Anyway, these are all over...and HUGE!!

This is coming into Coulee City with Banks Lake in the background. You can see the rain pouring from the clouds!! I'm still a few miles from the lake!!

The deeply carved walls from the Missoula Floods.

Banks lake was formed in the dry coulees during the Columbia River Basin project. It's truly amazing what water can do. These coulees go on for miles and miles.

Highway 2 out of Wenatchee pretty much looks like this all the way to long, straight road!! That town is still another 5 miles away! I love the grain elevators!

I stopped in Wilbur to take a picture of this lilac bush. They are everywhere! I have lilacs here, but there is nothing like the size of the ones in Eastern Washington!!! The fragrance permeates everything!!
Fields of canola...I wish I could describe the smell...fresh, cleansing, intoxicating!!!

I went to Chaps / and took pictures of the restaurant and bakery. So eclectic and fun!! Celeste, the owner, is a good friend of Serena's and is featured in the Farm Chicks Christmas book. She is so sweet and her employees are amazing!!!!

Chaps hanging in the entry...

Cute little vintage things all over. Drinks served in mason jars...swoon!!

Fabulous displays...I was coveting a few things!

As I was walking in I saw a young man and woman sitting at a table. The man had on a cowboy hat and gave me a "howdy" as I walked by. I'm thinking, "how can I strike up a conversation with these folk?"
As luck would have it, after I walked around snapping pictures, I got in line for a purchase and who should walk up behind me?? Yes, Mr. Cowboy!

We got to chatting. Cowboys are nice that way! I asked what he did for a living. "I'm a cowboy" he said. I'm liking this!! I asked where and what he did exactly." Idaho and training horses on different ranches", he replied. He was up visiting his girlfriend. I boldly asked if I could take his picture!!!

He introduced himself. His name is Brady Black. Great cowboy name!! And, he was wearing spurs! His girlfriend is Catlyn. Are they not just adorable???
Stay tuned for part two...if you're not bored yet!!


  1. I love, love, love how you meet people. It's an amazing gift! I'm glad you had a good time. The Farm Chicks Show, it's on my list of 'Things to Do'.

  2. I AM so jealous! It sounds like you had a great time even solo! I really need to make a point of going next year because who knows how long it will be around... Did you ever go when it was in the little town outside of Spokane? The first time we were going to go it was still held there and seeemed like it would have been so fun and quaint.

    Can't wait to hear abou the rest of your trip... and any purcheses of course!


  3. LOVE the photos! Especially the one with the really green field and beautiful blue sky. I can see why the Herd Mercantile is a favorite store! Cute Cowboy too!