Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday my Friend...

My cousin, Annette, and I have been best friends since...birth! Only three months apart and thirty-six miles away, we were blessed to have grown up together. That's me, second from the left, and her on the right, with her sisters Michelle and Christine (better known as "Miss Long Legs").

My Grammy lived in the same town and in our teenage years, just down the street from Annette. Grammy was a great facilitator of imaginations and we spent HOURS playing dress-up in her vintage clothes. We went to balls, played house, made mud-pies, and thoroughly enjoyed one an other's company! This is Grammy's washtub/swimming pool!

We had serious conversations at an early age! Obviously we both loved dolls and I can now admit that we played Barbie well into junior high!!!

Nettie on the left, great-aunt Trissie, and myself.

I can imagine us being "done" with having our picture taken. "Please let us get back to our talk, people!"

We spent so much time together. I really wanted to move to Davenport, Wa, where she lived, and go to school there. My grammy, dad, aunt, uncle and cousins all went there and I wanted to be part of that same tradition. Alas, it never happened "(

I did manage to attend most of their dances though, including this one on Valentine's Day. We were there with our boyfriends, but we only wanted a picture of us!! The all -county dances were so fun! Annette and I were just a little "Boy Crazy" and those big dances had a Lot of BOYS!!!

I went to their proms and would spend as much time staying with my grandma as I could! Weeks during the summer and every other weekend that I could persuade someone into taking me there!

We would "help" at football camp. We weren't asked, just showed up and volunteered. So unselfish of us!

We would "primp" for hours just to walk around town and hopefully "run into" some cute boys! We'd hang out at the pool and down at the river. We dated the same boys, (at different times!) and would compare story after story! Those poor guys!!!

We were both cheerleaders, had boyfriends who played football and let us wear their jerseys, spent hours at the river and just had so much fun together!

She was a cutie, my "Nettie Poo"!

She, her sister and I all got married within a few weeks of each other. She was my maid of honor. I was on my honeymoon and wasn't able to be in her wedding. Wish I could change that.

She would have been 47 today. She left us just before her 22nd birthday, leaving behind a husband, a baby and all of those who loved her so.

She was the keeper of my past, my dearest friend, my soul mate. I can't wait until I see her again! I know she's entertaining everyone in Heaven with her sense of humor,love and sweetness. I know she's waiting for me. What a gab-fest that will be!!

I miss you Sweet Girl.


  1. Oh Holly, I'm gonna cry. What a heartfelt post. You sure will have a lot to catch up on when you meet again, although she probably already knows it all.

  2. You are so fortunate to have had a sweet cousin to spend so much time with. I smiled all through your post and then had tears in my eyes. (I still do). I am sorry that you lost your dear cousin at such a young age. She was very pretty, wasn't she?


  3. DANGIT HOLLY! There are tears all over my desk.

    Your's, Mom's, Aunt Keen's, and Grammy Trissie's stories about Aunt Annette make me wish I had known her so badly. Thank you for sharing this post and these pictures, even if it did make me cry :)

  4. Oh Holly Dolly! What a wonderful post! The photos, the memories, the smiles and a whole mess of tears. Exactly what I needed today. Thank you thank you.

    You know how much she loved and treasured you and your very very special (beyond sisterhood) friendship.

    It's hard to believe it's been 25 years. How does time go by so fast? Maybe that's why this year is so much harder than in the past.

    Again, thanks for the wonderful post and for all the love you've shown.

    Love you, Holly Dolly!
    xosteewie (aka: Miss Long Legs)

  5. Holly what a wonderful tribute to a special relative and friend! It really brought tears to my eyes to hear that her life with you and her family ended at such a young age. I had a cousin who was much younger than I that I babysat when she was a baby and toddler, she was killed in a sledding accident shortly before her 13th birthday. I know how difficult that was and is still... and we weren't as close as you and yours.

    Thank you for sharing your memories with all of us,

  6. A beautiful post about a beautiful young woman. So sorry for your loss. I can tell it still hurts.

  7. Tears, Yikes! I'm glad you had such a dear friend.