Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My New Favorite Thing!

I'm always reading about the amazing things people do with the stuff they find, namely, painting.
They are really good at" before" pictures, while I only manage to take the" after" shots!

I got these vintage picnic baskets about 2 years ago, and while they were in good shape and each one kind of cute, they didn't really go together. I had them sitting on my porch last summer and this year I decided to paint them and put them in my sewing room. I had some plastic totes that stored my fabric scraps and wanted to have something cuter to store them in.
So, out came the trusty can of spray paint and now I have these!!!They look much better and hold so much more! The top one does not have a lid, so only my very cutest scraps can go in there!!

I've also had this bike for a few years, leaning against the shop. My SIL did a painting of it, and this is as close to a before picture that I have.

She made it look all shiny and pretty, but in reality it was rusty, dirty, the seat was starting to
peel and the tires were flat. Actually the only things that looked the same were the colors! I'm not a blue fan, but I do love butter yellow!!!

Now I have this!!!!

Hubby took it apart for me so I could do the tires white. Yesterday was so nice and sunny that I took it outside and painted it. I love it!!!!! It's parked next to the fence in the front yard for all to see!!!

I went to the Farm Chicks this past weekend, so I'll actually have something to talk about this week!! Until then....


  1. Oh My. That is a cute bike! Mine needs some paint. I'll send it your way so your DH can have at it for me!! LOL. The yellow is cute!

    That is a great idea about the baskets!


  2. Way to get'er done girlfriend! I love it! It was great chatting with you - we really must do it more often - only with a glass of ice tea on a patio - deal? :)

  3. ok....wait.....Holly, your SIL did the painting of the blue bike? Is her name Megan? I think met her at one of Todd's Bountiful Home 'Junk-O-Rama' shows! I bought some of her note cards and they have that same bike print!!!

    Small world!