Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Farm Chicks...the end...finally!

I promise this is the last installment!! How long can I drag this out????? The sad thing is, I don't have anything more interesting to post anyway!!!!

Here we go!
Lynda, Terry and I met up in Davenport for a brief visit before we went into Spokane. They were headed to dinner with a friend...and I was on my way to visit this lovely lady!!! My sweet, little Grammy :) Isn't she just the cutest little thing??!!!

Next morning we headed to the fairgrounds. Here are Lynda and Terry with Mrs. Farmchick herself, Serena!

One of my favorite booths, can't remember the name, but it had "school house" in it!! Lots of fun stuff here!

Loved all the numbers here! Seabold Vintage Market always has such great displays. That red and white??? I want it all!!

This sign was amazing!

I so wanted to buy these ottoman's. A little out of my price range, but so pretty! Lynda's favorite purchase...a pulpit!!! Preach it sister!!!

One of my husband's first job was at a store called "Farmer's Market". I really wanted this sign, but it wasn't for sale!

The Seven Sisters had this display above their booth. Funny, but true!!!

This was my big purchase. Can you guess what it is??? It's a mangle, an ironing machine!

It's in fabulous condition, but only heats up, doesn't feed the fabric. It does have the original manual so maybe someday we'll work on it.

For now, it's sitting on my porch! I love it! It's growing on my husband!!

I got a few more, small, little things, but nothing really substantial. This year we only went on Saturday and we were on the road home by 1:30!! Hopefully next year we'll be able to stay for the weekend!

Thanks for putting up with me!!


  1. My grandmother had a mangle, her mother did laundry for a living. I had totally forgotten about it. Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us. Looked like a ton of fun was had.

  2. There once was a mangle at the museum that someone dropped off. We tried to give it away for years... sorry I didn't know you wanted one.

    The Farm Chicks show is on my list. I know it won't be next year since I have a senior and graduation and all but one of these years I am going. I'm glad you had fun!

  3. Oh what a fun trip you must have had. Your pictures are wonderful - there was so much to see, your eyes must have gotten tired! Well, really, i think I could have gone with you if you had only asked..............;)

  4. I love all your great finds. Being a techer the school stuff would have been a temptation for me. I also love the mangle. I love all the shapes of the irons and even have the old wringer washer from my husbands family. He wants me to see if it still works.(our effort in saving energy. LOL)