Friday, July 15, 2011

Things are Growing!

"Make hay while the sun shines" was never truer than this week!!! We had a gully-washer yesterday, so it's a good thing my neighbors got their hay in a couple of days ago!! Katie was pretty cute driving the tractor! Little brother, Foster, let me know that he could drive it too!

Despite the fall-like weather, my garden is actually growing...slowly, but growing!

Raspberries are just coming on...very, very late this year.

Blueberries are starting to turn!
Broccoli, so sweet and delicious!I love how cabbage looks, especially the purple! (the weeds have since been removed!)

Onions standing like little soldiers...

And my masterpiece of a hanging basket (which I don't hang!)! I've never been one to fertilize...I like things that grow just fine without me! But this year, I followed Lynda's advice and now have "fertilizer Friday". Miracle Grow once a week and boy has it worked!!!!
Hope things are growing and blooming in your world!!


  1. I finally took time to miracle grow this past week. The leaves on my plants were looking yellow. Hope I am not overwatering trying to keep everything alive for the wedding. None of my hanging baskets look this good. Needed you here to be my wedding gardener....And you garden looks wonderful as always!

  2. Randy's garden is looking fine too!! I never thought of growing broccoli - does it do good around here? May have to add it to the list next year! I use to miracle grow weekly - but I've been so delinquent this year!

  3. Gracious. Your garden is fabulous! I should show you my hanging purple petunia basket. It looks like it's been run over. I keep forgetting to water it, let alone fertilize it!

  4. I love your garden. Mine is still at the Green Barn...