Saturday, June 26, 2010

Petite Retreat 2010

Today Hubby and I took a drive to Camano Island for Deb Kennedy's Retreat sale. It was such a gorgeous day!!

She had things displayed so beautifully! I am now the proud owner of the red thermos jug and the "1947" athletic letter!!!! I have collected so many of these letters, not knowing what I'd do with them, but I LOVE them! Very nostalgic to me!!! I can't imagine getting rid of mine, so I can't understand why so many of them are out there, unwanted and unloved!!!! Don't worry, if I find them, they'll come home with me!!!!Another cute display...could you come and decorate my house Deb??

Love this chalkboard with all of the events she'll be at over the next few months. Hopefully I'll see her at one or two of them!
I would like this stove to be in my summer kitchen...when I get one! You can almost smell the aroma of a pie baking in the oven!

Pots, jars, baskets...sooo pretty!

This event was not only free, but refreshments were provided courtesy of the show. The sidewalk says it all!!

This water looked stunning!!!! It was so refreshing, with just a hint of berry flavor. I'm thinking 4th of July??

Liz from Seabold Vintage Market was there too. I LOVE her new children's clothing line, named Hattie Bird after her daughter. I want clothes like this!!!!!

Liz always has the most amazing things and her displays are incredible! I wanted to curl up and take a nap on this bed!!

Check out the basket on this bike!!! You could do some serious shopping with this b

My favorite display! I just love that red suitcase and you all know how I feel about whisk brooms!!!

I only came away with a few things, plus a few more from some antique stores we stopped at. I got 2 yard gates at a garage sale, but failed to take pictures of all of these things!!!!
Visited with some cousins on Camano after the sale and then meandered our way towards home!
We stopped for lunch in LaConner...sat on a deck near the water and enjoyed the sunshine!
Took Chuckanut Drive home. It goes all along the water all the way to Bellingham. So pretty!!!
Garden News:: Picked my first cauliflower and broccoli yesterday, lettuce too! Made for a yummy salad! Got the peas strung-broke many as they were already so tall:( Lots and lots of strawberries and the raspberries are just coming on!! That's all for now!!!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Last Day...Finally!

Sorry for the extended Farm Chicks coverage!! Life has been so hectic, that I haven't been able to finish this event, nor have I had time to come up with anything else blogworthy!!!

So, the last day, the end, until next year!!!

These ladies come every year...can't remember if they're from Boise or Sandpoint, but a drive none the less!!! They always come on Sunday and start out with a tailgate breakfast in the parking lot!!! They were so kind and even offered me a cinnamon roll, which I politely declined, but would love to have right now!!!!
The cute silo, which housed the "man cave"!!
At the entry was this amazing "cake" created by Celeste from Chaps. What a creative soul!!!! I met her later on this day and she was so sweet, huggy, and invited us for breakfast!!!!! I'm going to try and get there this weekend as I'm going back for a wedding!
Guess who I ran into???? My sweet SIL, Meagan!!!! She and Liz from Seabold Vintage Market decided to drive over in the middle of the night so they could be there on Sunday!!! Isn't she just cute as can be??? Love you Auntie M!!! Notice I have neck wrinkles and she doesn't , but I still love her!!!

A darling, sweet wonderful booth where I found some wonderful things! I love their screen door! This was Lynda's favorite booth of all and there is a picture of her on their blog! (

I really wanted this table for my sewing room. This was LuLu's booth. I know she has a blog, but can't remember the name of it. I think the Farmchicks have a link on their blog. Anyway, I didn't have room for this, but I love it!!! I really like the open shelving, and the color....well, amazing is what it is!!

End of the day, before we left for home!!

We miss it already!!! Started saving for next year!!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The End of the First Day!

It's taken me all week, but we're finally to the end of day one at the Farm Chicks!!!

Karen found my favorite thing of the sale...isn't this the best???? Not sure where I'm going to put it, but it must be a place of honor!!! Thanks for you eagle eyes Karen!!! If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know that we have a tradition amongst our group.
Lynda started this and thank goodness she makes us do it because it often results in hysterics, quick potty breaks, and over heating!

We all have to set up and display our purchases that we have acquired on our trip...from everywhere we have purchased something.

We'll start off with Terry's display...
Now to be completely fair, the lunchbox is Lynda's. Terry was being sneaky!! But please take note of the red lantern. The FIVE DOLLAR red lantern!!!! That was Terry's favorite purchase, and all for the bargain price of FIVE DOLLARS!!! Did I mention it was FIVE DOLLARS??
I'd like you to also take note of the small thermos. Remember how I told you there was a thermos story here??
Keep reading, it will come out...

Karen and her lovely display and cheerful smile!!!!
Karen shops very carefully on our trips, usually looking for one or two particular items. She has been looking for a large wooden bowl for quite some time now and wouldn't you know that she found one in the first booth she went to...and she talked them down from $25 to $2o!!! Her favorite purchase!!!!
There was, however, a slight accident involving the bowl as it was being taken out of the car.
A clean break it was and Karen assured the dropper of the bowl that it could be easily repaired and was only for display purposes!!!! Karen was not present at the accident, but I must admit that the dropper was HORRIFIED at what happened!!! Two of us were in hysterics while wailing and moaning was happening nearby. Sorry Karen, but I wish you could have seen it!!!! I won't reveal the name of the dropper, but she is adorable, and forgiven!!!

Some of the items in Karen's display were donations from the bowl breaker!!! Trying to make things better!!! Again, two of us in hysterics while this is going on!!!!
Karen came up with a new display for her "bowls" which we all quite liked!

Lynda got quite a few goodies, including that cute little dustpan that I covet!!!! I guess the big thermos was hers too. That Terry, always sneaking others goodies!!!

Sorry you're eyes are closed, Linny, but I only took one picture! I wish I had Lynda on video when she was telling us about everything. She is so funny!!! I can't begin to describe how entertaining she is, but I promise you she was a hoot!!

My Walton sign kept falling off my door, knocking things over and being irritable!! I love old school supplies and scrapbooky stuff! Now, take a good look at my thermos. Pretty huh??? I collect old Thermos's and I didn't think I had this one. It was very shiny, had a "Bakelite" lid, and a cork. I debated on whether or not to get it, as it was $12, and I don't normally spend that much. But, after some deliberation, I put my money down!!!!
Remember Terry's thermos? The one that looks like mine??? She got hers for $2...yes...I know...bummer for me, but Yea for her!!!!
To make matters worse, I already have this thermos...on my kitchen... You'd think I would have known this. This was my "regret" purchase!! We all seem to have one!!
Okay, only one more day. Not so many pictures, but it may take two posts. I don't want to bore you with a lOOOONg post. You're probably already tired of this, but it will be over soon!!!!
Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day One: Part Two

After leaving the Farm Chicks show we decided to take a trip to Couer d' Alene, Idaho and see what we could find there. It was a gorgeous day and so beautiful in Couer d' Alene. Of course, I didn't get a picture of the lake, which was glowing, or the pretty park and beach area, or the great outdoor bistros, but I did whip my camera out for this Beautiful, little store!!!! MARYJANE BUTTER'S FARM STORE!!!!! It was so pretty and farmy and cozy!!

That wall is red, but it turned out pink in every picture!

I love all the white and the awesome laundry tubs!

A great idea for your old ironing board...Aprons!

This was a sweet picture hanging on the wall. Isn't this little girl adorable? Cleaning the eggs in that enamelware pan!

The clerk took a picture for us...can't remember her name, but she was very sweet!!

We went to a few (lousy) antique shops and then we happened upon this little diddy!!! The cutest, whimsical little store, full of bright colors, but so cozy and fun!

The counter tops are made of doors! There is a periwinkle one and an apple green one too! Fun for a sewing room!

I wanted to crawl into this bed!!!! I love the daisies hanging all around!

More cute stuff!! I think it's time for some new bedding too!!

Wouldn't this make a cute little homework desk? I love how it mounts to the wall!

Sorry I'm dragging this out, but I have so many pictures and don't want to overwhelm anyone!!!!
We had a great dinner at Olive Garden, did a little browsing at Border's and TJ Maxx. The best part?? Karen has now been to Idaho!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Big Day!!

The morning of the "Big Day" shone brightly!!! Guess there was a gull -washer the day before during set-up. The line wasn't too bad when we got there, but by the time the show opened there were two lines all the way to the road.
We were in line right behind Dixie and Linda, the Funky Junk Sisters. They are so fun and we had a ball hanging out with them! They were taking pictures and video and talking with EveryONE!!!
Miss Serena, the Farm Chick herself, came out and handed out flyer's and chatted with everyone. She is such a doll!! Always a smile on her face and a kind word for thankful for people coming to her show.

One of my favorite booths, The Seven Sisters!! They are so adorable and fun!!! And, they make the BEST desserts Ever!!!

I met my blogging buddy, Erin, from "Home's Where my Heart Is". She lives in Spokane and it was such a joy to actually meet in person!!! Isn't she a doll? Wish we'd had more time to chat, but it was really hectic in there!!! Nice to meet you Erin!!

Here's Hollie and her mom, Gayle and her friend whose name I don't know!!! I've been buying from Hollie since the first F.C. show that I attended down in Fairfield. She always has great stuff and reasonable prices, plus she's a dear, sweet lady!!!! Her mom and I actually took a quilting class together at the Buggy Barn. Small world!!

This year, there was a man cave set up in the silo, complete with couches, recliners and flat screen TV's!! Great idea!

Loved these dear people as much as I loved their sign!!! I picked up their card, but can't find it now and don't remember who they were!!! Hope they are there next year though!! I bought the matching door so that I could put my own stencil on it. Not sure what it's going to say...any ideas??

Junebug Designs always has a great booth too!

Lot's of burlap this year!

Loved this!! Stencils, burlap, duck cloth...all very farmy and beachy!

It was so crowded that we only stayed until one o'clock, but we found some great things!!! We went back to the hotel and had some lunch. Then we headed to Couer d' Alene for a little adventure!!!
Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Farm Chicks...getting there...

Heading off for a weekend of fun!!!!!

Terry, Lynda and Karen...
Myself, Lynda and Karen!!!!
Ready to go!!! Can't wait to get started!!!! We stopped in Monroe for a little break and ran into fellow "chicks"!!! Barb, my son's boss, her daughter Lisa and her friend Fran. The clerk was kind enough to take our picture!
We got some great scrap booking goodies! What a great store! Wish we had one closer.

We stopped at Apple Annie's in Cashmere and I bought a really cool photo. I'll tell you more about the Thermos in the next few days. It's not pretty!!
The store had a cute display in front...the only documentation of this stop!!
We had lunch at Studebaker's, a cute 50's diner attached to the store.

We also stopped at Yesteryear Quilting in Waterville. It's such a cute store. I think I have some photos of it from last year too. Terry was being funny and cute!! Got some fun 30's print fabric here.

Next stop was Davenport to see my Grammy!!
It was so great to see her!! She'll be 90 in December and is the love of my life!! I have so many wonderful memories of growing up near her and all the visits and sleepovers we had. One of these days, grammy is going to get her own post!

Looking at all the family pictures on her "picture wall". Had some good laughs over some of them!

My grammy is such a doll baby!!!! She's only about 4'10''...I feel like a giraffe next to her!!! But she's so cute and cuddly!!

All my "besties" with my grammy Helen!

She walked with us out the door and waved from the porch! Tears were flowing inside the car at this point!!!!

Thanks, my friends, for stopping for a visit with my gram...I know she loved it as much as I did!!
More Farm Chicks to come later!!!