Saturday, April 3, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

It's been so long since I've posted...sorry about that!!

Time is flying by, and I've been so busy with work. I'd much rather read everyone else's posts than post my own, so that's what I've been doing!!! You're all so interesting, and, well...I'm not lately!!!!

Last weekend was Ashleigh's 21st birthday, and as I'm writing this I realize I don't even have a picture of her on this post. Bad mommy.

Hubby and I went down to Seattle to spend the day with her and take her to the Food and Wine show at Qwest Field. Had a great time, but forgot to take my camera in with me...of course!

We started the day by going to Fremont where we encountered the Fremont Troll. Handsome isn't he? He actually lives under the Aurora Bridge and if you google him it says that he has been eating small children since 1990!!!
We went to the Fremont market, which was a lot of fun. Pretty granola, but a lot of antiques too. I got an old camera and an old athletic letter, both of which I collect. Again, no pictures... Loved this little guy's outfit! So bright and cheery on a dreary day!! Love the boots!

Hula hoops were BIG!! More than one booth of these! There was a man playing the guitar and these kids were having the best time! My photo of their faces didn't turn out so hot! I think there's a pattern here!!

This little old man was playing the piano-ragtime! He must have been 90, the tiniest thing, with a big bandage on his neck!!! Had a little tip jar and was raking in the money! Notice he's wearing knickers and really long socks! Skinny little legs!!

We ended the day with an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins and eating it with her aunts. She's always wanted an ice cream cake and at $28.00 knows why she never got one!!!! You're only "21" once though!!! Met up with aunt and uncle at Red Robin's for dinner and they took her back home. A fun day! (Hope she thought so!)

Had to throw in this pic of the fabric I picked up the week before. It's called "Whimsey" by Moda and is so cute and colorful. I have no idea what I'll do with it, but I love looking at it!!

Yesterday Lynda called and asked what I was doing that day. I said the dreaded Wal-mart (dis- like that store immensely), Costco, Joann's and Haggen. She had to do the same things so we went together...which made it SOOO much more fun!!!!
We spent way too much at Wal-Mart, whose prices have gone up considerably, and then went to Costco. The peach pies are out and we had the bakery lady take our picture.
A little background on the peach pie....Lynda came over to pre-garage sale at my house when we were getting ready to move and we had such a nice visit that I asked her if she wanted to come in for some peach pie. It's her favorite!! To speed things up and because I can't remember every detail, she asked me right then and there if I would be her best friend!!! She said I had her at pie!!!! We've been best friends ever since...thank you sweet Jesus!!
Anyway, we had a moment in Costco and had to celebrate with a photo!!

In the book aisle we met these lovely ladies, Shari and Katherine. We were talking about a book and got to talking with each other and formed an immediate friendship!!!! My husband says this is such a girl thing!!! We talked for 15 minutes, exchanged cards and emails, hugged and went on our way...guys would never do this!!!!
They live in the town where I grew up, are best friends, and visiting colleges with one daughter at the college of another daughter. Told them about the Farm Chicks show and hope to see them there!!

Today, hubby and I went to Kent and Karen's to look at their chicken coop. By now most of you have seen Heather's (see Farm Chicks post) and now I want one too!!!
Look how inviting her porch is!!! She has such an eye for vintage treasures!
And, she has a cellar!!! I covet this cellar!! What beauty lies on those shelves!! Pickles, beans, tomatoes!!!! Aren't they beautiful?? Yum!!

She also has a greenhouse where her tomato seeds are just starting to grow out of the soil. Cows in the field, chickens in the coop and her family all safe and warm...until the soccer game!!!
Thanks for sharing Karen and Kent!

Brian, Tyler, Max and Jesse headed down to Seattle for a Sounders game. It's nasty weather...even had snow for a bit today!! Ashleigh's on her way up from Seattle to spend Easter with us. And, I'm getting ready for Easter here. We're getting together with some dear friends and look forward to spending the day with them...maybe I'll even get some pictures!!
Good Friday service last night. So solomn, so sad. Why do they call it Good Friday? Good for me, but poor Jesus and poor Mary to have to watch her son die such a horrific death. I'm so anxious for tomorrow's service which will be such a celebration of victory over death. It's my prayer that all of you will be part of a Resurrection service tomorrow.

Have a blessed Easter!!
He is Risen!!!


  1. He is Risen Indeed!! Thanks for catching us up - I was beginning to wonder where you were :-) AND FOR THE RECORD - your life is not boring!!

  2. I'm with you about Good Friday. Yes, a very blessed day for us, but I can't imagine watching my child die at all, but that death? Never. And, have you ever noticed the weather on Good Friday? I have observed the last several years that it's very weird. For instance, when we were at the lake Friday it was sunny then it hailed, snowed, rained, and was very, very windy. And then...sun again. Or shall I say, SON again? It was amazing.

    Sounds like you had a great trip, I sure enjoyed the pictures :)

    Is it June yet?!


  3. Holly,
    What to comment on first. Do you remember the story Three Billy Goats Gruff. One of my favorites with the Troll under the bride. And your right ice cream cakes are too expensive but I think each of my girls had at least one for a birthday. Your fabrics are awesome, I have been really into fabrics and sewing this last year. Our chicks are due the last week of this month cannot wait. Are you thinking of getting some. This will be our first time I am so excited. Glad you have caught us up on what is going on with you. Have a great week!

  4. I love the peach pie story and the cute picture in Costco. Two very special ladies! Dear Lynda gave me moral support in a parking lot last week.

    Fred and I want to go to the food and wine show at Quest next year. We want to hear all about it from you and Brian. You probably have all the tips. We just heard about it.

    Your life is far from boring. I'll show you boring ;)

    I'm glad the boys got to go to the Sounders game. Letting Max drive to Seattle was a big step for this mama. His big bro already reminded me that he wasn't allowed drive to Seattle at age 16. True. Max, Jesse and Tyler are the babies! And we are letting go!

    They did ok.

  5. My husbands Mama passed last Good Friday ;( We hold it near & dear!

    I love that you buddied up on the Grocery shopping with friends~too fun! I don't do Walmart at ALL on the West Coast!! Eeekssssss! ;)
    Happy Belated Easter!

  6. Holly, will you refresh my memory on the date in May for the Funky Junk Sale? In Puyallup right? Yes, I think I will be attending, maybe we can link up there & see if I pass the test to be able to caravan to Farm Chicks ;)

  7. Wow, what fun you've been having! Love all your pictures and especially the peach pie story. And that display on your porch is really neat. I love that kind of thing! Oh gosh, you go to the Farm Chicks thing? Is that the one organized by Mary Janes Farm?

  8. Hello there!! I am SOOOOOOO behind on my favorite blogs and so sorry that I havent been by to say hello.... With my daughters wedding approaching and life in general, we havent had time for much of anything! I loved to see your pics here and now Im drooling over that peach pie! Hope all is well and take care!!