Friday, April 23, 2010

And Like a Good Neighbor...

We have one of these.

Got this at a garage sale about ten years ago. One of my better purchases, according to my husband, and all for the bargain price of $40.00. It's been very faithful, serving us and our neighbors well. My neighbor, Ken, has one of these babies...

It makes my husband swoon. That is, if husbands actually do such a thing.

Yesterday morning I woke up to this...

My wonderful neighbor brought over his "toy" tractor and did this for me while I was at work. It took him 30 minutes. This would have taken my hubby 2 days.
Bless his heart!
Thank you Mr. V.! Not only for making my garden pretty, but for saving my hardworking hubby hours of labor.

Planting to follow!!


  1. Yay! Mr. V.! I can hardly wait for your garden. Terrible garden mooch that I am!

  2. Oh my that is going to be one big garden. We have a tiller that I think is over 25 years old. We use it, family use it and some friends have borrowed it. My hubs would be salivating over that tractor! I think the tilling is just around the corner here. Hubs been finishing up the chicken coop which I am glad of because when he gets in the garden the other projects will come to a stand still.

  3. What are you going to plant?
    I love gardens; you are blessed with a wonderful neighbor. Will you return the favor? perhaps with some fresh garden produce?

  4. What a wonderful neighbor!! and what a wonderful sized garden area!! Oh the fun a girl can have with seeds in that spot!! (envy, envy envy!) ;) oh, and I heart garage sales!
    thanks for stopping by again! fun to find new friends! bless that pw!

  5. Do I get extra credit if I write in a foreign language?
    or what about hieroglyphics?
    What is it that made us laugh yesterday?
    Whatever it was, it was a joy!!!
    xoxo betty burke

  6. I was going to say something but can't remember after being in awe that someone wrote in Korean, I think that's Korean or you speak Korean Holly, or read it???

    Well, back to the task at hand, what an absolutely kind and generous neighbor!!!!!! That is so very Kind!

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Holly, if you were wondering how to count the unique visitors to your blog, go to or and get a "counter." You'll select a style, sign-in, and you'll copy all the HTML code with your mouse, next go to Layout in your blog, select "Add Gadget," select HTML gadget, title: visitors since (date) then in the "post" area: "paste" the HTML code. When you look at your blog, you should see a counter. Let me know if you have problems.I like the counter because then I know how many visitors every day have come even if they don't leave comments.

  8. Speaking of gardens, and organic fertilizer... The fertilizer my hubby gets for the farm comes by the semi-truck & trailer load...Not available retail that I know of. It's called Perfect Blend, and it's major component is chicken manure -- thus the PHEW factor. It's all organic, but pelletized so it can be spread like the other fertilizers...The company is based in E. WAshington... If I hear of a retailer for it, I'll let you know.