Monday, April 12, 2010

The Beginning and the End???

There once was a boy named Tyler.

His very first word was ball.

He loved all sports, but early on baseball and basketball were his favorites.

He started playing basketball in the house and the backyard. He had a hoop in his room and he and his daddy would play for hours. Closet doors were damaged, carpeting worn down. But it was a lot of fun!!

He played for the YMCA, he played AAU, he played Boys and Girls Club, he traveled all over, and he played school ball... until this year. 13 years of basketball, only to quit his sophomore year. His coaches asked him to play. They came to our home and spent time trying to convince him. No go. Mom cried.

Baseball was his first true love. We had a long entry that went into the family room clear to the back of the house. Prime ball field. He and dad played for hours and hours. He was only two when they started this fun!!! A bat broke once and speared the ceiling. Fortunately no one was hurt! Mariner games galore, the All-Star game, the Home-run Derby, autographs, clubhouse visits, the first game at Safeco field, Diamond Club seats. This boy LOVED baseball. He played all the time. Made the Select team for Lynden at age 8. Was MVP. Quit after 3rd grade. The varsity coach at the high school has asked him to play for him every year. He was good. I think his dad cried.

Football. Not exactly his sport, but again, coaches asking him to play. He's played two seasons...4th grade and 7th grade. The high school coach still calls every summer asking him to play.
He played soccer spring and fall for years. Quit for about 4 years and then played again in 8th grade. Really enjoyed it and was excited to play in high school, but ended up not playing his freshman year. He is playing this year...Yea!!!... but only because we told him he had to do something...job, volunteer, sport. He chose soccer and seems to be enjoying it, but probably won't play again. Sadness.

I love having uniforms hanging in my laundry room. It saddens me greatly that this will probably be the last time.
I LOVE high school sports and more than that, LOVE watching my son play. He has been given such a gift, yet chooses not to use it.'re a stinker!


  1. Your boy is such a doll. I agree with you, it's hard when they don't use their talents and gifts. My daughter is a natural born leader- everything says so. Yet she hasn't found out how to use it. I can't wait until the day she takes off with it.

    I love watching my kids play sports, too. Now you've got me excited for high school sports! But we're a ways off, so I'll be patient and savor the 2 years until Grace goes to high school. Sniff sniff.

    Can you please email me? I want to share something with you about the Farm Chicks weekend that Katie and I are cooking up. My email is:

    Also...we used to attend Southside, great place. My kids still do their VBS. We switched back to our former church, Liferoads, a daughter church of LifeCenter last spring when our good friends took over the pastorship.

    Hope to hear from you soon, friend.


  2. I feel your pain. I miss the football uniforms of three boys in the laundry room. I even miss when they yelled at me if it wasn't clean when they needed it. Now they are all grown men. The youngest does play college football so for two more years I'll still get to watch, but when they get to college the sport becomes their job and some of the fun is lost. Make sure you are at every one of those games MOM cuz there is no one else that will cheer for them as loud as you do. And they really do like to hear a familier voice, don't let them tell you anything different!
    Can't wait to see you at our show!
    funky Junk Sister #2

  3. Holly . . . boys and sports :) decisions decisions . . . I love watching my son as well and would also be sad if he didn't use what came naturally - especially when it is a true gift . . .
    you see - my son loves most sports and just when I was beginning to understand baseball at a higher level(finally) - my son decided to take a year away from baseball - wasn't sure if he really loved it or not . . . so I was a little sad as I thought it was the end of baseball in our house . . . he then decided he wanted to go back to baseball and in his first game back(first 10 minutes) - broke both bones in his leg/ankle while sliding into second base and was out for the rest of the season (not the greatest experience as he had his leg up all summer long) - so anyway . . . I then thought it really was the end of baseball in our house. Boy was I wrong . . . he now loves baseball more than he ever did before . . . who knew??? Just when you think you know where they are going - they throw you for a loop!! :)

    Thank you for stopping by . . . it meant the world to me!! . . . liz

  4. Oh Holly I can see why it saddens you about this. I just love so much to watch my son out their playing soccer & other sports. When I was growing up I was into many sports but had a love & talent for softball and started at a young age. My dad faithfully never missed a practice or a game & my junior year I quit playing, I know I broke his heart ;( the things we do when were young huh!
    Hopefully your son will find something that makes him as full of joy as you are watching!!

  5. We have a boy that most likely could've really "done" something with his baseball. 6'4", left handed and a 82MPH pitch. Didn't want to. Didn't want to work hard at it. He admitted that to me the other day - "I really could've done something with baseball couldn't I ?", me: "yes, but obviously that's not what God had for you or your heart would've been in it". Easy to say now - hard to watch back then. Tyler will find his spot.

  6. Holly, took your advice & called my Daddy and told him I was sorry! ;) We had the best talk about all the games and so many stories, it was a Huge part of our lives!

    And, again thank you for thinking of me, I've been in the ringer with my health of the last 7 months, not sure exactly what is going on! Appreciate the warm thoughts! I have got to get better to go junking & everything else ;)

  7. Hi Holly ~ it is the Seizing My Day gal from the line yesterday! ha ha ~ I was such a dork when I met Ree ~ all tongue tied ~ LOVELY~ didn't see my moment with her very well!! =) ah well! It was fun standing in line with you giggling ladies! Nice to meet you!

    Jenn ~ aka ~ the dork who hardly spoke to Ree!! what was I thinking!! =) shy shy...