Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Back to my Roots

Found a parsley plant growing in my garden yesterday. Amongst the weeds it battled on, something growing from a random seed, strewn carelessly about.

I wanted to make sure I dug it up before the garden was plowed, so I did that and transplanted it to a little enamelware container.

My pioneer roots kicked in and I decided to get out the dehydrator and do a little preserving.I cut back most of the plant, separated and snipped, and lay the pieces on the drying racks.

Plugged it in outside yesterday afternoon and then. yes. ForGot all about it until I saw it outside the door this morning! But my trusty dryer was ever watchful (and it was rainy last night, which helped!) and I opened it up to find this...

Hello, beautiful, green loveliness!!

Now I have a full jar of fresh, dried parsley! Some of you may not get the excitement over this, but let me tell you...it's wonderful!!!!
The plant will continue to grow back and I'll continue to dry and be very, very happy!!


  1. Hey, Walton Wannabe,
    Your daddy has been interviewed and is openly talking about his faith.
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    Amsa said she ate two salads at your house. Among many, many talents, you are such a fantastic salad chef...makes me wish I were a Salad Maker like the I wish I were a walton gal.
    Love to you,

  2. Holly, You are AWESOME!! Way to go, what all do you use parsley for? I bought a plant of it last year from Trader Joes and it died on me while on vacation!
    Do you guys have a Metropolitan Market anywhere near you or Whole Foods Market? They always have so much freshness ;)

  3. Wow - you amaze me! I'll be lucky to get anything planted this spring! When do you think is the best time to plant? I only want a few rows - don't have time for more - but I'd like to do 4 rows well!

  4. Thank you for stopping by today.
    Yes~I love pleasures for sure.
    This is a great idea for parsley~I will give it a try!

  5. Your blog is always adds a little bit of sunshine to my day :)

  6. This is definiltey exciting to me! I love the idea of preserving this stuff.
    I actually thought this was going to be a post about your hair. You know, getting back to your roots...anyway...love it.

    BTW, I cannot believe you think you are old! Katie and I are so excited to meet you and the girls. We just can't wait.


  7. Hi Holly,
    Yes, I do use patterns, but I like to make my own too. Thanks for your kind words. I love to dehydrate too. In the summer I dehydrate anything I can get my hands on. Strawberries and pineapple are my favorite.

  8. Well done! This is on my list of new to try this summer. I have to buy the dehydrator and wonder is you have a suggestion for the type I should get. I started a herb garden last year and think hubs would like me to dry some of his hot peppers also.

  9. Oh dear - now I want a dehydrator! What have you done???


    Thank you for the sweet comment today. Pleased to meetcha!