Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One Step Closer

Today was the day...

The dreaded driving test...

Another day closer to total independence...

A little bit farther away from mom...
He passed!!
He's pretending to hold up his new license, but it was shoved in the back and he didn't want to take it out just for a picture. Besides, he had a soccer game to get to!!Doesn't he know this is the last license I'll be getting with my child??
How important it is for me to document these occasions??
Remember all the firsts with the first child?? I was always so excited for Ashleigh to do the next thing. Even just to see what she'd do next! Everything was so new and exciting!!
Now I'm noticing all of the lasts. And it's not so exciting!!!
I'm really proud and happy for him, but I'm going to miss those one-sided conversations that we had on our little drives together.


  1. That is exciting stuff!! I can still remember going to get mine some 16 plus yrs ago, what fun it was!
    Holly, those were some pretty sweet words you wrote about your sweet friend Lynda! I imagine that you are just as an Amazing Mom, I think it takes a Great one to recognize one ;)

    Have a Wonderful Night!!

  2. Max says- I can feel my wallet getting heavier because i don't have to cart tybear all over the place.

    Max tried to comment and couldn't do it.

    My comment- Congratulations Tyler! Be careful! Turn around at my house on the driveway, never back out the driveway and DO NOT hit the lollipop trees!

  3. Hi! We are first time visitors! Very sweet post, we are having a double birthaday on friday, my son's birhtday and my husbands. The years sure seem to fly by, my son will be 23 years old...he's my baby. There is something special about having a son.
    Safe driving and Happy B Day to your son. Glad & Cel/Junebug

  4. Congratulations Tyler!!! Holly...how did this happen so fast. Wasn't it just yesterday that you were pregnant with your youngest and I was pregnant with my oldest...My oldest will be getting his liscence soon...my first...your last...Just remember how I look to you so I know what's coming. You're the best! Love ya sweet SIL

  5. Holly, You are a KICK! I love all your comments on my blog - Thanks! I'm going to try to answer some more of your recent questions...by the way, congrats on your son's pass on the test. First of all, I did add more specific measurements for the raspberry lemondade in a comment after yours (it's very easy). Second, I live about 6 blocks from Terry close to Isom Elementary School. Third, I am not popping into 2nd chance today, but I may go garage saling on Friday! Fourth, my brother lives in Florida, so he is unavailable to fix your camera; if I think of someone who can help, I'll let you know! (Big Bummer!)
    How did you decide to name your blog: If I Were A Walton? (I do love the Waltons, by the way)
    Also, did you see the picture of you and I at the 2nd chance Thrift Store on my blog?
    If anyone else is reading this; check out my Country Cottage Living Blog: http://handful-of-daisies.blogspot.com
    In a few days I'll be posting a $40 CSN Store Giveaway Certificate. All you have to do is become a follower and tell me in a comment with your email address!!!

  6. I remember driving with my daughters. After three of them the carpet in the car was wearing pretty thin from shoving my foot into it. It will be good. You will be surprised how your freedom from all the transporting will make a difference in your life.

  7. Holly, YES you can come over! I'll contact you next week; what day works for you and Linda? I have a treasure for YOU! something I picked up at the Antique Garage Sale at Homestead this past week...Melanie

  8. Way to go Tyler! Its always difficult when the baby isn't the baby anymore!

  9. Good Morning!
    Just stumbled across your blog...I love the title! We are closely approaching this milestone with our youngest...so my heart goes out to you...they grow so fast...we have them for such a short time...
    Have a wonderful day and happy planting (we've been planting seed potatoes this week)!