Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend in the Big City

It's been a fun and busy weekend here!

Started out on Thursday going to the Lynden Craft and Antique show with Lynda and Lydia. Lynda had to leave right after this to do some "damage control" regarding something at school, but all is well, lest you worry!!!
Lydia and I proceeded to shop...mostly me!
Tami, do you see what I have here? Yes, it's something for you, but it's enjoying a little time on my table first!!
This lady has a business called Home Deconomics. She makes the cutest things. She has a etsy sight, but I don't know what it's called. Maybe just Home Deconomics. Yea, that would make sense!!!!
She makes cute towel, potholders, place mats, baked potato bags, and lots of things with oil cloth.
Adorable stuff!!

Friday morning Miss Betty (aka Lynda) picked me up at a horrid hour and we headed down to Seattle. She had a children's ministry conference and a hotel so we thought we'd play some too!!

Brian was already there because he had to stay the night before. So my plan (our plan, because we did talk about it) was to have B pick me up before his meeting, take me back to his hotel so I could sleep and shower and then head over to Bainbridge to see my BIL and SIL and watch some basketball. All was good until I got there and found out he checked out!!!!!!! What happened to the PLAN????

Ended up taking a nap in Lynda's car while waiting for him. Very cozy, but not quite what I was going for!

It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride! Doesn't Seattle look beautiful? What an amazing part of the country we live in!

This is Mount Rainier...STUNNING!!!! While on the ferry we could see both Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker! They are about 4 hours apart, but it was so clear you could see forever!

After lunch and basketball we did a little beach combing. Lots of beach glass and Meagan found two agates and some heart shaped rocks. She has quite an eye! I was so busy looking at the ground that I had to remind myself to take in the view!!

Every year we do the March Madness bracket competition within the family and we were able to get together with a lot of the participants and watch some ball. We all got together for the Gonzaga game, pizza, treats, and a lot of trash talkin!!!
The women are kicking butt!! Except for Nolan who is kicking Everyone's butt, the men are at the very bottom!!!! I used my same scientific method for picking my teams as usual. Things like school color, mascot, do they have a #4 or #12 (B and T's #'s), any family names on the rooster, turnover percentage and points scored. Sienna has a guy named Just In Love plus his last How can you not pick a team when you have someone like that????
Anyway, so far so good. I'm in third! But most people picked Kansas to win it all so I still have a chance!! Go Team!!

Headed back to Seattle after the game and met up with Lynda and Ashleigh. They were at Claim Jumper's having dinner. I couldn't resist taking a picture of their dessert display. That cake looked amazing!!
Went back to the hotel after dinner and gave Ashleigh an early birthday present. She'll be 21 next week and I found this crown at a garage sale.

She was REALLY excited!!!!

Isn't she cute?!!
We ended up hanging out all night, accidentally bought 2 movies on pay per view and had to keep calling the front desk!!
Ash met me the next morning again and we shopped Redmond and U-Village while Lynda was at her conference. We met up with her at Country Village where I got the most adorable fabric, that I didn't need, don't know what to do with, and forgot to take a picture of!!!
Did I mention it was 70 degrees??? Awesome day! Home in time to watch a little more basketball and see my boys!!!


  1. What a spectacular weekend you had!! The weather was indeed great in our part of the country this weekend, wasn't it! You took some great photos of Mt. Rainier & downtown Seattle!
    Shopping, Eating, Movie watching.....Can I say Awesome Fun!!!
    I love the Claim Jumpers Mud Pie!! ;)

  2. What a great share i so do love when we get to spend time with our friends....and my daughter was up in seattle at the same time you were...well i loved the pictures...god bless

  3. Wow, you had yourself a great time!!!

    Can you believe the GU guys lost?! We were so bummed.

    That dessert Yum.

  4. Oh what fun! And the book! What a find...
    I'm glad you had a good time. Ashleigh is adorable after finally being crowned as the princess she really is.

    Tyler was here. Once for burgers and once for pizza. I told him to get outta the snack drawer before dinner one night! Hey, it was 5 minutes away ;0

  5. Holly, Terry showed me your blog and I enjoy dropping in to see what is going on in your "Walton" world. (We met at Linda's house for a Pie Party that I will never forget!)
    I also talked to the Retro 50's lady (Home Deconomics) at the Lynden Craft Fair. I bought a coupon holder last time and I just love her ideas! You and your readers are welcome anytime at all about Country Cottage Living as inspired by Me!

  6. Looks like so much fun. I'e never been to Seattle but plan on making it there someday. Looks absolutely beautiful.

  7. You're right Holly, that scenery is beautiful and the cake's not bad either! LOL. I'll bet a girl could put on weight just looking at that dessert display! Enjoy your 70 degrees and know that we won't see that in Minnesota for quite a while yet...........sob.

  8. WOw what a fun girls time!! Your daughter is a cutie:)

  9. my friend use to live on bainbridge - love that ferry ride! Seattle has got to be one of my favorite cities! Glad you enjoyed the C&A show! Did you go to Bothell Country village? Is that still around - and is it as dead as it was a few years ago?!?! Happy B'day princess Ashleigh!

  10. Where have you been girl? You must be having way too much fun in your gardens. I have to wait a couple of more weeks before digging away still a chance of freeze here for a while. Thanks for coming by best wishes on the gift!