Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Great Day for Soccer!!.....NOT!!!

The last time Tyler played soccer was the beginning of 8th grade. He was 13!

He had the option this spring of getting a job, volunteering or playing a sport. He didn't put much effort into the first two, which left him with a sport.

He decided to do soccer again, after saying that he would play last year and possibly this year, but backing out on both until the ultimatum came!!

Today is the first game. It was beautiful this morning, and even until around 1:30. Now, however...
the trees are blowing...

the rain is pouring...

and it's just not a nice day for a soccer game!!!! To make it worse, he's been sick and doesn't have enough practices in to play in a game. Soooo...he gets to sit and do nothing, except freeze! This kind of weather is why I like basketball!!!! Everything indoors!! Mommy won't be going to this game!!

Now onto my little dilemma. We got these new couches when we did the remodel. Got them at Macy's, made to order, picked out the material, etc. The problem is that there is some kind of drug that is hidden in the cushions! (they said it was down!) Less than 5 minutes on these babies and our eyes start to drift shut. This has become quite a problem as we are napping frequently...as in every day!!! We have two of these, so we are both capable of succumbing to the drug laden cushions. We are addicted, literally. Hello. My name is Holly. I am a couch -a-holic.
Is there a program for this?? Help needed. FAST!

Oh, and the quilt doesn't help much. Very cozy on that couch with a quilt on top. And the fireplace. Adds to the problem too!


  1. What you need is a latte' in one of them BIG mugs like your friends use - oh yeah, and do a triple shot - that'll help!!! :-)

  2. Oh I'm hoping for some sunshine b/c my son starts soccer here next week.

    I have the same problem on my couch, sit = sleep ;)

    Love the quilt, I take it you quilt too??

  3. My goodness, that is a rotten day for soccer. We had some of those rainy, cold and windy days last season.

    Your couch is lovely, and I hear you, I can sit down. Then I lay down. Then someone wakes me up and asks what's for dinner.


  4. Tyler and Max came here after the game. After me begging Max to play soccer, then deciding it's ok that he doesn't and then I'm liking not sitting at windy, rainy Bender fields... now Max wants to play.
    I might not let him.

    I may need therapy on your couch. Stinkin' boys!

  5. I got your message and I thought I'd send you my email address so you wouldn't have to search for mine :)


    Hope you're having a great day!!

  6. Looks like I'm in. Max is playing soccer. Before I have to start the games I am hitting my couch, which has the same drug and today sunshine shining on it...

  7. Hummm I love a comfy couch. It keeps me from moving to bed at night when I should.