Monday, March 8, 2010

Heavy Metal Monday and Homestead Blessings

Before I get started with the heavy metal I wanted to share this picture that I took this morning of....SNOW!!!! It has only snowed once this winter and that was months ago!! But this morning we got a little taste of the white fluffy stuff and it was quite pretty! The sun was shining, the trees were blooming, the birds were singing and it was snowing!!!!! It's supposed to be cold here this week and we could see a little more, but it was fun seeing a bit today!!
Now, on to my "heavy metal"! I don't know how many Mondays I'll have of this, because sooner or later I will run out of metal, but at least I have a steady Monday post!!!
A few items in my hutch: cookie cutters,

flour sifters and old lids, and a few vintage utensils. I love the red and green of old!!!
I LOVE old cookie cutters! I remember as a girl, going by peoples homes in the evenings, when lights were just coming on and wondering what they were doing. Were they having dinner? Making or baking something? Just talking about the day? I still do this...I don't know why!!! But, I do imagine homes of old with mama rolling out the cookie dough and little hands cutting out the cookies with one of these old cutters. I loved making sugar cookies with my mom and my kids loved making them with me! Oh, for the good old days!!!

I canned 16 pints of chicken this morning and then headed over to my sweet friend Lynda's for lunch, stitchin' and a movie!!!

We watched a Homestead Blessings video on canning by the lovely West ladies!!! It was so joyous!!!!! They are a mom and daughters group that does these cute little videos and they do a great job. I think there are six total. You can get them on Amazon or at Vision Forum. I brought these two home with me to watch a little more!!! At the end of today's video they did a little strummin' and singin' down by the, no less!!! It was so pleasant!!!! Lynda and I can't quite see our daughters participating in such an event, but one can dream!!!!

Lynda made this yummy soup out of the Farm Chicks cookbook. It was really good, but we'd add curry instead of the cumin...just our personal taste!! Very creamy and hearty and she made a great salad to go with. We had tea and rice krispie treats, courtesy of Roger dear, and worked on our little projects! What a joyous day!!!! Thanks Betty!! ( She prefers Betty, and who can blame her??? It was her sweet Grammy's name and very fitting for this girl!!)
I've got another 16 pints of chicken in the pressure canner and am considering working on my sewing room. Just considering, mind you! After all, the Gilmore Girls are on in a few minutes,and while I could watch them upstairs, it's much cozier down here!!!
Have a wonderful week!!


  1. My goodness, the tree is so pretty! I thought I'd never see a blossom or flower again. This gives me hope :)

    I love your metal collection! It reminds me of slower paced days with pies in the oven and like you said, Mom rolling out cookies.

    I am so excited for the Farm Chick's, too. Can you believe it's in less than 3 months? Since you've gone before, I have a question for the expert. Did you take any shopping bags with you? I was thinking I might take a book bag or tote style bag to put any purchases in. I am so looking forward to meeting you! I am amazed how much we have in common!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week so far :)

  2. Love your metal collection and teh tree blooming was beautiful.

    I want to watch those videos you showed. I'm going to try looking for them on Netflix.

  3. I love your metal. We are into cast iron, as in skillets :0!! I would LOVE to have your canned chicken recipe. We can tons of vegetables and I have canned beef, but never chicken. If you'd be willing to share your recipe, you can e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you! Rainy here in MO, but at least the weather is warming up. I see just the tiniest hint of green in our field. I am ready for spring :)!

  4. You have such a cute blog. I'm coming over from Apron Girls. I didn't ever put the pictures of my felt food on Apron Girls, just on my personal blog, you can find the pictures here:

    I just made up the pattens as I went along and didn't document it at all (silly me!) But if you want to make something specific, I'm sure I could help you out!

    (And googling free felt food pattens gives a plethora of options!)

  5. Well, Hi there Holly! Thank you for stopping by and leaving that sweet comment. I can tell you are a sweetie. Now I was raised on a farm, canning soup, pickled peaches etc. BUT never heard of doing the chicken thing. I will have to research that:)

    Sounds like you and Lynda had a wonderul lunch and a fun day working on projects!

    Love the pink blooms on the tree with the snowflakes falling! Beautiful picture!

    Cute metal collection! Those cookie cutters are my favorite!

    So Dear Holly, nice to meet you and I enjoyed my visit at your place. Have a blessed day!

  6. Yes, we had a little bit of snow too, then the sun came out!

    I just Love those cookie cutters of yours, those are great! I have one of the flour sifters in my basket of old rolling pins. I'm starting to think that your house would be a great "Kitchen Antique Tour" You have some Great Stuff!!

    Talk about a fun luncheon with a girlfriend, that soup sounds comforting!!

    Have a Wonderful Week

  7. I saw Erin's comment to you, Are you coming to the Farm Chicks Show???????
    I'm going toooooooooo ;)

  8. You are a pioneer woman! You and Betty rock the pioneer effort.

    But I have to ask, why can chicken? It's frozen at Costco or fresh at Haggen's and quite convenient. Canned chicken....hmmmm.

  9. Lovely day , lovely friend, lovely food! Don't days like that just fill you back up? Wish you could come tonight - drop in later if you can.

  10. WONDERFUL!!!! I live in Lacey, not too far at all!!! Myself and a friend of mine are traveling up on Friday morning'ish, maybe we could carivan?
    Do you follow the Funky Junk Sisters? They are having a show in Puyallup this May!!

    OH I can't wait, even more exciting now!

  11. Dawdling in an Antique shop is pure Bliss & anything named the Buggy Barn sounds joyous, we may need to tag along if you'll let us!

    I love Sumner, my gf and I are going this Sunday ;)