Friday, February 1, 2013


My friend, Tami, celebrates Love Week at her house. It's the week of Valentine's Day and she goes all, decor, events etc. It's very lovely and almost inspires me to do something over here...almost...

We just don't roll that way over here...not even close! I sometimes remember to put out a little decor. Sometimes I make heart sugar cookies, by myself. My daughter abhors Valentine's Day! Thinks it's a scam, which it sort of is, and feels no need for it. It's her fiance's birthday and she loves that she can celebrate that instead of V day! My son could care less either way, except he notices if the sugar cookies aren't made! Hubby and I aren't big on it either. We'd rather go out on the 13th or 15th and not have to deal with the crowds! I'd rather get red paint than red roses! Generally we don't do much!

But I did put up a few things this year...mostly just have a lot of red and cream normal decor, with a few added baubles!

My chalkboard skills don't compare to hubby's, but it is what it is!

Not a Valentine in sight, but it's red!

I have a couple of quilts that I bring out for Heart Day and am working on another one right now...I'm sure it won't be done in time! And if it's not done, I'll probably put it away til next year and not get it finished then either! I'm come to accept this about myself. I don't like it, but I accept it!

Can't go wrong with scrabble tiles...

Add a nice little collection of vintage, heart cookie cutters, and lots of red and cream~

 And don't forget the after Christmas score on some red and silver mercury glass/looking ornaments!

That's about it over here! I will probably watch the movie "Valentine's Day", but I watch that quite often anyway!!

What about you? How do you celebrate...or do you??


  1. Wow! I am impressed! Not so much over here... I wasn't going to get out the Valentine decor until the painting was finished. Yeah, not such a good idea. We are changing it up a bit over here this year, empty nest and all...

  2. No, not much. I usually get hubs his favorite peanut m&m in the valentine colors. The different colors are not his favorite just the candy. Me I am staying with my WW point system so no chocolates for me and there is not anywhere close for flowers. I usually get the Grands something, should probably be thinking about that. I love your reds! I think that I like it better than a lot of the Valentine stuff we have to chose from on the market. Thought I might put something together but so far just the hearts hanger here and there that I made last year. When I saw your quilt, which I love, it reminded me I picked up a table runner kit for Valentines day last year. Must be in the drawer of kits. Won't get done there will it?

  3. I normally don't do a blessed thing for Valentine's Day, but this year, I am hankering to do a little somethin' somethin' for those I love. Especially now that Aaron is out, I feel like I should do something special for him. Ya done inspired me.

  4. Hey I've got a collection of heart cookie cutters too... well I've got one and that's a start right? I also keep out the red balls for a little Valentine/February decorating... except I broke one of course.... and your chalk art is looking waaaaay better than mine :)