Monday, February 4, 2013

The Farmer and the Mama

Just a short post as I had to share!

So many people loved seeing the Farmer commercial during the Super Bowl yesterday.

My Grandpa was a wheat farmer, so I have a soft spot when it comes to farmers! I'm more of a "city farmer" as I only have a few acres, but I love to dig in the dirt and grow things!

This morning I was reading Ann Voscamp's blog and was so touched by her words. A post about a Farmer and a Mama. I love being a mama most...makes me all sparkly inside!

Please read her post ~ she has such a gift for words, and the photography is beautiful!



  1. Taking a look now!

    And I'll take your word on the commercial... I (gasp) didn't watch the Super Bowl :)


  2. Right there with ya! I posted this clip, then found Ann's post and cried even more! Pinned hers... Here's to farmers and mommas!

  3. Thanks for sharing Holly! It was a great post you sent us to read. My grandfather was a dairy farmer. My dad is still a mechanic for Case implements. I was surrounded by farmers when I was a child. I really enjoyed that commercial last night also.

  4. I will check out her post. I live Ina farming town, so the commercial touched my heart!