Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Boy

This is my baby. My little boy. Who is fast becoming a man. It's so wonderful to watch your kids grow and develop into their own person, but oh, how I miss the little guy he was! Mama's should be able to go back in time, at least once a month, and cuddle and snuggle their babies! For some reason, he's not into that anymore!!!

Tyler has always been a hard worker. He started working here  part time, when he was 13 and had 3 summers of full time work, from ages 14 -16.  Just before his 17th birthday he started working at Haggen as a Courtesy Clerk. Our family has been in the grocery business for years and it has been very, very good to us! But I don't think he ever thought he'd be in it too!! Turns out, he really enjoys it!

As soon as he turned 18 he was promoted to checker. A few months later he was promoted to produce. And last month, he was promoted to Manager of Bulk Foods. He's still 18! I'm so proud of him, his work ethic and his enthusiasm! He loves what he's doing and it really shows!

Congratulations Tyler! You are loved beyond your wildest imagination!!


  1. Love this! Lucky momma you! Love to see a young man that is not afraid to work, telling you that is getting fewer and fewer in this world. Thought maybe we would see a glimpse of a Valentine quilt here today?! Happy Valentines Day Holly!

  2. I meant to comment on this the other day... I need to STOP reading blogs on my Kindle since I don't like to leave comments and always mean to come back :/

    It's wonderful to know you raised such a wonderful, hardworking man...isn't it? Working hard still seems to be the best way to go in all aspects of life.