Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Found It!!!

We found  "The Dress"!!!

Yesterday Ashleigh decided to go for a ride with us to Mt. Vernon. We had some errands to run and she Loves to spend time with her parents (lol!) so she tagged along. When we finished our errands we thought it would be fun to stop at David's Bridal to look around for a bit, not thinking we'd be walking out with a dress!

They were having a great sale! Mom and daughter a little, not so much! We encouraged him to head to Red Robin for some food and sports while we looked around. We were supposed to join him within half an hour or call him to come back and see what we found! Let's just say he ate a lot of french fries!!!

We had a lovely consultant by the name of Leslee. She was such a great help, and so very patient! Ashleigh was so great at keeping her budget low and staying within it. It was overwhelming for me! There were a few thousand dresses to choose from. Thousands! But Leslee helped us narrow things down with some general questions, such as color, train, fluffy, sparkly, etc.

David's Bridal was so wonderful! Everyone was so cheerful, and while I know it's their job, they seem genuinely excited for the bride! It was hopping busy when we got there so we had to wait for a bit. Ashleigh filled out a questionnaire and we looked through the racks of dresses. When they called her name Leslee led us to a dressing room. Number 12...a good sign, as that's my favorite number! And, they put this cute heart on the door!

We narrowed it down to three and called Dad to come back  (2 hours later!) While she liked all three, there just wasn't the "this is the one" factor.

It's so fun to stand on the pedestal and see the "flair"! This was a little too formal.

She loved the little Swiss dots on this one, but does not want a short dress, which is what her mama would chose!!! I love the 50's look...perhaps a little tiny hat with a blusher?!

This one was so pretty, but again, quite formal. I think she liked this one the best, which is funny, because she doesn't like bling or lace or a long train! She looked really pretty though! That's Leslee in the mirror.

She tried on two of these dresses which were so fun! It's a 2 in 1 dress. You wear the short dress with a long skirt for the wedding, and then you can take off the skirt for the reception. I think it would be fun to wear the short one for the first anniversary!

Same dress, but with the skirt. Such a great idea!

Again, she liked them all, but didn't love them. Sooooo, Leslee asked us to try on one more. A dress that she had in mind that she thought Ashleigh might like. Different color than Ashleigh wanted, different material than she wanted, and a little "foofier" than she wanted. looked amazing on her!!! So beautiful,  a perfect fit and only 3 weeks to order. And, it was on sale and under budget!!! Her face lit up when she saw it on, Brian and I lit up when we saw it on her, and everyone who saw her in it said it was "the One"!!!

Do you know what happens when you find "the One"? You get handed a brass bell and are told to make a wish for your wedding. Then you ring the bell, and everyone in the store knows that a bride has found her dress! Isn't that the sweetest thing??? Oh. Something else happens too. Her mama cries...she's so sappy!!!

Just so you all know, her dress looks nothing like those in the's going to be a surprise!!!!


  1. Loved this post! I'm so happy for her. And I love that it's a secret until the BiG day. She looks like a beautiful bride in all of them.

  2. She looks like a princess in every dress! Congratulations.

  3. Can I wear the swiss poka dot one to work? LOVED it!!! This is oh so very exciting!!! I can only imagine how stunning and ravishing she must look.

  4. YEAH! I know how happy I was that "we" found my daughter's dress on the first try :) and at David's Bridal too... We were in Seattle but they did the bell thing there too which made it really special.... AND the dress she ended up with was a)not the style she thought she wanted b)not lace covered like she thought she wanted c)was an addition brought out by the person helping her! Sounds kind of like your daughter's story... obviously they train those folks well at David's Bridal!


    PS I too like that short dress... how fun!

  5. My daughter got her dress at David's Bridal here. It must be a nationwide chain!

    Gosh. She would look gorgeous in a sack. I don't know how she would even pick from all those gorgeous choices!

    Your heart must just be jumping for joy with happiness!