Thursday, January 3, 2013

Does It Have to be Over?

Does it have to be over? What if I don't want it to end? The magic, the smells, the twinkling lights...that feeling of anticipation~I wish it could last forever!

But, alas, I think it's all coming down this weekend. I'm mostly ready! To tidy the house, have a blank slate, think of some fun new decorating ideas and displays. I have LOVED Christmas...the entire month leading up to it and the day of and days after! This has been my most joyous December since I was a little girl!!! I was determined to enjoy each and every minute and by golly, I did!!!!

From the decorating to baking, train rides and get-togethers, shopping and visiting, wrapping and the Music (I LOVE the music!),  Christmas Eve candlelight service, to the snow on Christmas day, I have relished each moment!

I haven't blogged, but I've been reading everyone else's!! I'm always so impressed with the way people decorate and inspiring!

So here's a little tour of my home, before it all goes away!

The past few years I keep saying it's time to change up the tree...but then I pull out all the ornaments and love it all over again!

 I need to make new stockings now...why didn't I think ahead all those years ago for my children's spouses???!!! (if anyone has this fabric in their stash...let me know!)

My bucket of snowballs~

The Starbucks tree that seems to accumulate more and more stuff every year!

The stair landing...time for some new lights!

The laundry room got a new look!

Some fine, first grade style art by yours truly!

I put a tree in the office this year and loved it!!! Kind of whimsical!

Above the front door~

The same old trees in the sewing room....but I love them!

The quilt I made for Tyler, when he was two.

A little vignette in the entryway~


S'more tree!

I had a bare table and an unused sled so I came up with this a few weeks ago!

My sweet grammy made the snowflake garland the first year I was married!

My new favorite tree~the master bedroom. I saw this tree at a thrift store this year and as soon as I heard the price ($20.00!) I scooped it up! It's so hard to get an accurate picture, but it is gorgeous!!!

I had some of the ornaments, balls mostly, but got quite a few for bargain prices at Kohl's. I got the twig garland and candles at Grandiflora. The flocking on this looks like the tree just came from the mountains!

 It's the last thing I turn off every night!

The kitchen gets dolled up too!

I painted the inside of my hutch this year (don't know why I never did it before!) It's a Martha Stewart piece that I got at a garage sale and the interior was originally blue, which I changed to green. Why? I love the cream! And dear hubby wired it for lights. Instead of putting them on the top, we put a light at the bottom of each shelf. I really like the light effect  and also that I can hide them!

My husband is also a little more talented in the chalk art than I am! He does them for fun...all free hand!

Anyway, this one says it all!!!

 Blessings to all of you in this wonderful, new year!


  1. Wow! I enjoyed looking at all your decorations! I didn't want to take down my decorations either. I wish people would leave their Christmas lights up during the gloomy month of January!

    1. I agree Dana...wouldn't that be lovely?! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Oh my goodness Holly! Your home is spectacular! And that tree you got for 20.00 love it! What is my favorite? All of it! Happy New Year to you too! I am glad you had such a happy and merry Christmas.

  3. I wouldn't want to put it away either, IF I lived at your house. You really know how to do up the place for Christmas!
    I love it!

  4. Phenomenal, Holly! More accurately Phenomenal Holly! It's all so beautiful...I love it!

    It is always so sad to take the stuff down, but moreso when you have as much beauty in the house as you created. I think I would want to cry if I were you.

    All my snowmen are staying up through January because I can't quit cold-turkey...And I decided yesterday that the lighted snowman on the porch also deserves another month out of storage.

    So glad you had such a joyous Christmastime! It's my favorite too!

  5. LOVE that Starbucks tree... what a fun idea! I never thought of saving those used up gift cards :/

    I was wondering what you did with that flocked tree.. it's fabulous! And I didn't realize it was soooo cheap!

    I'm still working on getting all my Christmas put away... I've stashed the remaining stuff in the enclosed front porch until this weekend... hopefully that is!