Friday, January 18, 2013

Taking Time

I've started a new Devotional. It's by Ann Voskamp who is the author of One Thousand Gifts. If any of you are familiar with this book, you know it's all about being thankful. It's so easy to get mired down in what we don't have or what's missing in our lives. Money, Family, Weather, Weight, etc.

Yesterday was so beautiful here. Cold, but sunny and a sunset that was out of this world. I stood in amazement at my Creator, how he could create such vivid colors and light. While I tried to capture it on film, I knew there was no possible way. Often I find that God's beauty overwhelms me. To think He made that sunset for my pleasure!

This morning I woke up to heavy, freezing fog. It's been cold here, but sunny, so this morning was a bit shocking. Yet, there was beauty in the morning as well. Things I would have normally not seen were highlighted with frost. There truly is beauty all around, but sometimes you have to look at things in a different light. While there were brilliant colors and light in the sunset, the beauty of the morning stood out due to the dullness, and lack of light.

A thought from Ann this morning~

So what if we really paid attention
and nickel-and-dimed life away
on afternoon tag by the cedars.
A string of bare toes with a stack of old books.
This one, lone bowl filling with morning light. 
Day after, day, shelling out slow mindfulness
on whatnot's of amazing grace, 
collecting pieces of God-glory.
This buying a bit of medicine
that cures ADD of the soul.

I love the part about  'shelling out slow mindfulness of whatnot's of amazing grace' !

I'm taking time today to slow down and savor the moments, being appreciative, and  seeing the beauty and the joy in the "everyday-ness" of life.

I am so blessed~


  1. I need to check out the book you mentioned. Thank you for sharing!

    We had an amazing sunset last Friday night. I don't always get to see the sun set, but it was just an amazing one and I wanted to stand and soak it all in.
    I think the freezing fog is beautiful.
    God gives us such beauty to enjoy every day. We just have stop and pat attention.

  2. I will need to borrow this book from my best friend. I know she was reading it. Unless it is on her Kindle then I will have to make a trip to the bookstore. The pictures are beautiful, thanks so much Holly for sharing!

    1. It's a great book! I got the quote from her devotional loving that too.
      Thanks for visiting!!!

  3. We certainly have had some beautiful weather of late! My son snapped a photo of sunrise the other morning from work and it was just gorgeous! Love the frost on your cobwebs :) But that freezing fog Friday morning was NOT my favorite way to get to work.


  4. I love when a line sticks with us. I don't think there's another book other than the Bible that has been so impactful. Hope your day is filled with loveliness and you need to come visit my new book "What Katie Ate." LOVE! Betty

  5. What beautiful photos.

    And philosophies.

    I think I have a devotional by this author but it's a different name.

    Everything is boxed up at our house for a move so I'm not sure, though!

    I'm glad you found something so inspiring to your soul.