Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Project #3 and a Crazy Busy Weekend!

Playing a little catch-up on the blog...story of my life!

Brian finished project number 3 last weekend...I helped not even an iota!

This is where the ceremony will take place, under the arbor, overlooking the pond.

The curved boards were perfect (the ones you always pass over when you're building a fence!) and creates a beautiful frame. The chairs, umbrella and boat will be gone of course, the grass will have been watered all summer and actually be green! I'm hoping for twinkle lights and candles in the trees and on the beach, and some beautiful flowers all around!
We met the (hopefully) soon to be new neighbors who promised to keep the yard looking spectacular for us (he promised her a gardener)!

On Saturday we had a HUGE yard sale. Oh my word, was it work...getting ready! I ended up cleaning out my entire attic Thursday night....HOT up there, but I was merciless! Brian would disagree as I can not part with the baby clothes, American Girl, Lego, Thomas, Barbie collections! But they are staying!!! My dear, sweet, wonderful friends Tami , and Lynda came over Friday morning and "staged" my sale for hours! Of course, I was so consumed with this sale that I didn't even think to take a picture of them, but what a blessing they were! It looked so good that I wanted to shop!

Tami categorized everything! Just like a department store!

Lynda hung all the vintage aprons to give it a vintage touch!

Sports and games...

All of your cake baking needs...

A lovely vintage booth in the back that Lynda put together so pleasingly...

And tons more that I don't have pictures of. I let all my friends come and pre -sale the day before...nice to see someone else love on your stuff!  We got rid of all the big stuff except for 2 or 3 things and lots of little stuff too. It always amazes me what people buy. We had 2 big 5 gallon paint buckets in the free pile and they went right away! Almost all the free stuff was gone early. We were dealing left and right at the end and at one point Brian was bidding against me...trying to get people to take stuff!!! We're so good at business...NOT!!
It was fun though and  we met some wonderful people, did some garden tours, enjoyed music and ate pumpkin bars and fresh beans!

It was so hot out! We shut down at around 2:00 and after a really quick shower and change I met my daughter and her maid of honor downtown for a little wedding dress shopping!!!!

It was so much fun! Those bridal shop saleswomen really know what they're doing! Even I wanted to try on dresses and veils and jewelry! Brought back many memories of dress-up with  my cousins!!!

Anyway....she found The One!!!! Of course I can't show you any photos, but  she was pretty happy and will be such a Beautiful Bride!!!!

She tried on these for me!!! (I think this is what I'd wear if I were getting married outdoors, plus I just love the vintage, 50's look!)
I think she looks adorable!

Too much bead work on this one, but so elegant and twirly!

 This one has big flowers all over the skirt and was really playful!

This was a possibility, so couldn't show too much of it. Buttons are so sweet!

No purchases were made, but I'm thinking she'll be going back there! The smile on her face when she put on THE dress lit up the building! 

Fun times!!!


  1. I'm so sad I missed your sale!! I would have just loved to see the stuff...well, okay, I would have bought a bunch too! ;)

    Next time!

    How sweet that your girl would try on the dresses that caught Mom's eye...They are great! Can't imagine how lovely THE one must be!!
    Wonderful times for you!

  2. Oh where do I start? The wedding dress search makes me teary eyed all over again....

    The arbor is going to make a fabulous focal point for the ceremony! And every time you look at it afterwards you will remember the day... I'm so happy I have incorporated some of our chalk boards and used so many personal things in my daughter's wedding because they make me smile when I look at them!

    And third, how did I miss this sale!!!! I would have snapped up that little tiny crib in a heart beat! I saw your last post that mentioned a sale and I meant to look in the paper and on craigslist to see if you advertised and since my brain is still like swiss cheese I forgot :(

    But seriously, send me an email and I'll send you some tips I learned in wedding planning!


  3. I wish you were closer. I would of loved to of been at your sale. I want that apron and that other apron and even that one right there!!

    Your daughter looks so lovely in the dresses. All are so nice.

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I appreciate it.


  4. I love that look also! Wish I had a reason to wear some vintage cute dresses! She will be beautiful no matter what she picks and even without ever meeting you in person I can see that she is her mothers daughter. Soooo, how high do you think the numbers will go on the project list? I think you should have a guessing game! The sale!!! I wish I lived closer I would have been having a ball. Have a great week Holly!

  5. I love the vintage look dresses. I think she'll be a beautiful bride no matter which dress she chooses.

    Obviously I didn't stage the Christmas inventory very well if you only sold one item. Sheesh! I hope you don't fire me.

  6. Oh, oh! I wish I could have come to that sale! I see about 42 things in the pictures I would have dragged home!

    Your daughter is gorgeous. I love that vintage look...I suspect she would be lovely in anything though...and what a gorgeous, happy smile she is wearing...the most important accessory of all.

    What fun for you all.

    Well, except the setting up for the garage sale part!