Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wedding Project #2...and some corn!

We have been continuing with the yard projects...2 down, but so many to go!!!

When we originally put our split rail in we left it natural...no stain, etc. When we put the front fence in we gave it a light coat of stain, mostly to keep it newer looking, but also to make it stand out amidst the plants and trees. We put up the side fencing in the garden earlier this summer, with an arbor, and decided to replace the old fencing and add another arbor.

Old fence...

 Ashleigh and Brady were lucky enough to be part of the action...we thought so anyway!
Lots of precise chain saw cutting to make the arbor poles...Ashleigh with her chisel!

Brian and Brady doing a little cutting, and installation. Sure saves me a lot of work when he's here!

One side replaced...

Some flowers were lost in the process (people didn't care for them as they deserved...ahem...), but they'll all come back next year!

The finished fence and arbor. I love the way it gives a "window" to the sunflowers!!

We did this project a few weeks ago, and started working on the fence and arbor to the pond this weekend, but it's not done yet. We're calling ourselves, "the crazy arbor people"!

While Brian was working on all that, I was busy in the garden. I (stupidly) planted eight rows of corn this year. I spaced the planting out over a month, but low and behold it's almost all ready! I picked  three rows ( about a hundred ears) and got busy freezing it.

Some father/son bonding time...nothing like shucking a little corn to bring loved ones together!

Lots, and lots, and lots of corn. Pretty though!

I have a huge canning kettle, so I do about 25-30 ears at a time, and then start cutting.

100 ears of corn = 15 bags...seems like it should be more, doesn't it?

After all that I had to make some space in the freezer and ended up cleaning them all out...3 plus the one in the refrigerator. Let's just say, I don't need to freeze any more!! Nice to have the larder full, but the garden is getting majorly down scaled next year. Maybe a quarter of the size...and the rest for Pumpkins and Sunflowers...my favorites!!


  1. Oh my goodness! Your garden is a beautiful as ever! Love all the sunflowers and the arbor is just perfect! Look at all of those exclamation marks, I just cannot help myself. Yumm, sweet corn.

  2. Love that arbor! And the picture it frames...Lovely!

    Why does that always happen, by the way? You spread out your plantings of corn or beans, but they're still always ready at the same time! I always believed that whenever you planted beans, they would be ready to can the week of the Fair...

    Good for you for not wasting any of it! :)

  3. I love the new arch, ...and the garden behind it! Lovely!

    I came by way of a comment you wrote on Jennie Matlock's Bathroom post... That was a great comment!

  4. I love your blog, your pinterest, and those sunflowers! The arbor frame looks great.
    oh my goodness the word verification! I've tried several times! Crossing my fingers