Monday, September 10, 2012

A Lovely Gift

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely little package in the mail! I LOVE receiving little packages in the mail, especially when it's from my friend, Deb Kennedy !! If you haven't been to her new website, you must go NOW!!! She is such a talent and is plum full of wonderful, amazing ideas, which she happily shares!  
She used to have a little place on Camano Island where I could visit her lovely shop once in awhile, but now she is in California...too far away, if you want my opinion!!!

Anyway...she had a give away for her cute, cute, cute Sweet Sweater Pumpkins. I was so excited and was really hoping to win...but I didn't. Two other people won. Bummer....but wait! One of the two never contacted, she drew another name...MINE!!!!  Yea!!!!

This is what was waiting for me in my mailbox...

a cute little note...

a cute little tag...

cute little packaging...

and the cutest, little pumpkin ever...

just waiting for me to get the rest of my fall decor out to keep it company!!

You can order her pumpkins directly from Homeward Found. I love mine!!! She has lots of beautiful colors to choose from and I know you'll have a smile on your face when your package arrives!!!!

Thank you Deb!!!


  1. How cute! Congrats on the win Holly!

  2. Holly, thank you SO much for your sweet post - and sharing my pumpkins and my new blog with your friends here! I am so glad that it was your comment # that I picked, too. You have always been such an enthusiastic and supportive 'fan' of my little creative endeavors, and I appreciate you! <3