Tuesday, September 11, 2012


If I had the space, I would grow acres and acres of pumpkins! There's just something about those giant orbs that make me giddy!

My pumpkin starts did great this year....lots and lots of Cinderella pumpkins! My seeds...not so good. They may be ready by Halloween, but that's being hopeful!

Surrounding my acres and acres of pumpkins would be oodles and oodles of mums...my very most favorite flower!!! I love the colors and the overwhelming numbers of buds. So beautiful!

The foliage on the pumpkins have taken over my garden, but that's okay!

I love all of the volunteer sunflowers that grow in my garden. A bit of whimsy and joy every time I look at it! Notice the "Dutch" sunflower towering above the rest? It's about 15 feet tall! (I live in a Dutch community and Dutch people are very tall, hence the reference!)

The golden raspberries are on their second bloom and are so incredibly sweet!

And very large!

I'm so anxious for fall...the crisp, cool nights have started, with the lingering sunny days. The apples are ripening, and the garden is winding down. I put on my first sweater of the season this morning, but will be in shorts by afternoon. I'm holding off on a pumpkin spice latte for a nice rainy day, or my birthday...which ever comes first! I can't wait to get out my fall decor and cozy up the homestead!
Pumpkin soup for dinner Sunday night and pumpkin bars yesterday...my oven was so happy!

Today I need to get ready for the "mother of all garage sales", and get the rest of my sweaters out of storage. I'm hanging them on the line for a bit of freshness. A little spray painting of some little goodies and then off to work at the library, surrounded by lovely books and fall magazines.

It's going to be a good day!!


  1. You are the Queen of Fall! I always love your Fall decor, wheelbarrows of pumpkins, and happy Fall attitude. Enjoy!

  2. your post has me ready for fall pumpkins and sunflowers and baking. lovely!!!

  3. Oh how Fall looking your garden is! Your pumpkins took over your garden like our butternut squash. Found a muffin recipe made with winter squash that I tried yesterday. Took some to my grandsons at one of their football games. Told their mother what was in the muffins but told her not to tell until after they ate the muffins. One of the boys said that they love squash muffins but they still do not like squash. lol. They smelled fallish while they were baking. We live in Dutch country here in Michigan also. Many tall women tower over me.

  4. I adore the golden raspberries.

    I, too, would join you in producing acres of pumpkins! They are so happy!