Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Trip to Stoney Ridge

It's that time of year again...beautiful Autumn! The most delicious season, in my opinion! The fields are being harvested late into the night, pumpkins are abundant and the pumpkin farms are open for a short, little while.
It's a time to relax and reflect on the bounty of summer, and to set out on some adventures! Ashleigh and Brady met us for an afternoon to enjoy a little trip to Stoney Ridge. Brian had the week off, so no crowds on the weekday!

Brian had on the most autumnal, pumpkin colored shirt!...Totally appropriate for picture taking!

The non-farmers...

The Farmer and His Mrs.!

The Farmhouse...

The men, already growing weary!

Brady surrounded by "women"...poor thing!

I would swoon to have a field of pumpkins in my view every day~

I thought this sign was so pretty...it's really big! Just couldn't get that shadow out of the way.
We had a great time and always talk about how fun it would be to have a little farm like that...maybe someday!

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