Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Little Fall Tour~

Fall has finally arrived. My very most favorite season of all! I love the beautiful days, and the crisp cool nights. I love unpacking all of my fall sweaters and boots, being able to dress a little more cozily. It's time for pumpkin spice lattes, fall candles and soup simmering, all day, on the stove. It's the first fire of the season, shorter days and an extra quilt on the bed. It's a time to slow down and read a book, or stitch a little. A time for visiting with friends and a trip to the pumpkin patch.
And long lost friend. Welcome back, dear friend!

So today, I invite you in to my cozy home. My haven. My cozy respite in a busy world!

I painted my front door last month and think it looks a lot more inviting. I figure the green goes with everything, and every season...just not the 4th of July! All the pumpkins, save one, are from my garden. I get a little carried away at Costco when the mums come out! After they're done, I plant them in the yard and enjoy them year after year!

My pots have done really well this year, so I'm keeping them out!

A little chalkboard love!

My buffet in the entry. Got the copper pumpkins at Bellewood Acres.

Love the old typewriter...thinking I need a tall, skinny lamp in the corner!

My sofa table. I got the bowl of ornaments at Grandiflora last year and the big acorns at TJ Maxx last week. I LOVE those!!!!

Nice to have a little sparkle!

A little side table...

And a picnic basket waiting for a picnic!

The fireplace didn't change much. I love the big baking pans, jugs and suitcases, so I just added a little fall to what was already there.

I made this little family years ago, and they still put a smile on my face! I got the mercury glass pumpkins at Kohls this year.

Little orange pumpkin from Folktales.

My little bench with an old truck of my hubby's, and a scarecrow that I made years ago.

I really don't do much Halloween, but I still have a fondness for this cute, little witch! Also, the sweater pumpkin I won from Homeward Found. I adore this pumpkin!! (Thanks Deb!)

On my birthday last month, my friend Lynda took me on a lunch,shopping date and I found this adorable, orange cracker tin. Perfect color and rustic-ness! Filled with autumnal books.

The buffet in the kitchen...

My dough bowl from the Farm Chicks show...

Filled with the bounty of the garden and a little vine.

The fun, little shelf near the pantry with my favorite chalkboard...Soup of the Day!

And the hutch...still need to put lights in there somehow!

I didn't really decorate anywhere else this year...just the main living areas. Much faster and just the right amount I think!

Did a little on the back porch, because I had these delectable pumpkins  and squash from the garden!

I had fun growing the unusual pumpkins this year! My jacks (all three) are still dark green, with little chance of turning orange. I'll be buying those I guess!!

And another beautiful mum....those oranges and yellows make me smile!

Nature is at it's very best right now and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Baking, pumpkin farms, shorter days and cooler nights. And the I've missed it! Welcome back my friend!


  1. It all looks so cozy and inviting! Fall is my favorite too...

  2. Oh Holly - I'm so glad you invited me over! I absolutely ADORE - haha your front door! If my whole house wasn't green on the outside I'd paint my front door that color! It is so inviting and you are right - green does go with everything. The inside of your home is delightful also. I love all your cinderella and jaradale pumpkins. I grew thousands of mums for 12 years - so it is a flower that is very dear to me. And orange is my favorite color mum. A lot of people love yellow and I do to BUT orange just screams fall to me! It is beautiful - happy fall!

  3. I love Fall and no one does it better than you~

  4. Holly you can't fool us, you love fall! lol. Your home looks wonderful. Love all the pumpkins and mums. The green door, I adore, it is my favorite shade of green. I am waiting to get sleepy before I turn in so I do not just toss and turn waiting for morning to come and my road trip to start. So here I am visiting your beautiful home, I have so many favorites not sure where to start. Love the bowl of gourds and the typewriter and well all of it. Have a good week!

  5. Hi Holly well done your home looks lovely, all the pumpkins and esp the typewriter look just lovely. We're going into Summer here, bushfire season in Australia. A little pumpkin envyright now

  6. Hi Holly,

    I found your blog on A Quiet Corners blog. I read your comment and it sounded like me several years ago. I always wanted to stay home, and now I do. I Love it most of the time. I always loved the Waltons too! Still watch them. Just bought a movie at a garage sale....A Walton's Thanksgiving! Your fall decorations are gorgeous. I love your pumpkin folktales. And I think I'm going to have to make a trip to Kohl's!

    Cindy Bee

    PS - A friend didn't know what color to paint her house one time (on the inside) and I said, "Pick a color in nature, they always go with everything. God did that on purpose!" She thought about it and it's true. Green goes with everything!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home!! Your decorating is amazing!

  8. You ended up with WAY more pumpkins than me! I have 5 and they aren't very big ones... of course a few mini's too but not like a few years ago, sigh. Of course, I DID a little neglecting in the watering and weeding this year (I wonder why) so that probably didn't help any :/

    My favorite of all your decorations are the lights tucked under the buffet... among the rolling pins (I think they're rolling pins?)! I try to put fall out everywhere but I keep the "halloween" in just the kitchen and dining room... I'm actually looking forward to next week and November 1st so I can bring out the more "thanksgiving" fall stuff :)


    PS Thanks for giving us all the "where you got" the stuff too!

  9. Everything looks beautiful... I love all your touches of fall!

  10. So gorgeous. Love your style! I could totally hang out at your house!

  11. WOW!!!! I love it ALL! Especially your new green door and entry. It must take you eons to decorate but it sure looks worth it. Can you please come here?!