Friday, October 12, 2012

Montana...I Could Live Here!

Montana. Do I need to say anything else? Just the name conjures up natural beauty, a slower pace, rustic decor, wild life, and so much more. We ventured into Montana just a bit last year on our trip, but had a destination in mind this year. Wanted to get to Whitefish, Kalispell, Big Fork and see a bit of Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake. We pretty much did it all, except for Kalispell, as we did a loop and didn't quite catch it. Next time!!

Again, tons of pictures, non of which actually do it justice. Let me just say it was Stunning!

The Rockies just jump up out of the incredible majestic!

We crossed the border into a little town called Eureka. Great little town...cute, quaint, very friendly people. We asked a lady at an antique store what people did there. Her response? Nothing. Cracked us up!

Gorgeous drive to Whitefish. Another adorable town...a little bigger, but very much a small town. We walked around and hit all the shops. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Whitefish is the home of Big Mountain, a ski area and resort. It's only 8 miles to the top of the mountain and the town itself sits on Whitefish Lake.

It was starting to get a little cloudy and windy as we headed up the mountain, and by the time we got to the top it was starting to rain. A blessed sight to this rain-loving gal who hasn't seen rain in 3 months!!

Everyone we met told us to stay at Whitefish Lodge. 4 star hotel and very reasonable (actually the least expensive place we stayed!)

The lodge itself was gorgeous!

Can't go wrong when pumpkins are part of the welcoming committee!!

The weather continued to get stormier, but the fires were blazing and everything was so cozy!

Lots of seating areas all around, a great beach and a cute little marina. You can see the whitecaps on the water, and if you look closely you can see the beautiful colors of the water as well.

Nice pool area, but there was a wedding going on so we didn't expose ourselves on their blessed day. Your welcome, bride and groom!!

We had a gorgeous room! Couldn't wait to take a shower in the spa-like bathroom! Aren't the barn doors great? You could relax in the tub and watch TV or just enjoy the fire!

A really nice common area with bar, games, Big TV and one was using it!

Some wildlife for sale...the only we saw except for deer and wild turkey's! Big disappointment for Brian!

I had been getting a sore throat all day, so we decided to head to the grocery store for Airborne, and ended up getting soup and wine and adding our cheese, salami, crackers, bread and salad to the bunch and having a room picnic. Second best thing next to the hotel!

It was raining hard, and God blessed us with a thunder and lightening storm as well!! Slept with the windows open!!!

In the morning He had done another transformation...SNOW!!!

What a view! People who live there can't help but be happy!!! I'm ready to pack up and move!

We left, reluctantly, and continued on our trip. Next stop was Big Fork and Flathead lake. Big Fork is a cute little (very little) artsy town and full of quaint shops and galleries, and a little theatre. Met some really nice folks here too. We love talking with the locals and picking their brains...such lovely people everywhere we went.

Again, we took the back roads. Skimmed the entrance to Glacier National Park (wish we could have ventured further), and drove a ways along Flathead's a really big lake!

Should have gotten out of the car...sorry!

Snow falling!!

We started home, through Idaho and then Spokane. At that point we just wanted a quick drive home so took I-90 the rest of the way. Not so pretty, but home by 10! Only gone a few days, but it was so relaxing, so breath- takingly beautiful, and just a wonderful trip with my favorite travel buddy!!

Can't wait til next year!

Do you do anything special in the fall?


  1. thank you for sharing the gorgeous views!! i'm visiting my son in kalispell in a couple of weeks and your photos/blog make me even more excited!!!

  2. Charles and I stayed there! We LOVED it! :) xoxo

  3. You have great taste! I used to live in Montana - Great Falls and Glacier Park. While Great Falls was a big disappointment (I was there a few weeks ago), Glacier and surrounding area will always be beautiful. Lake McDonald Lodge is my favorite spot.

  4. I love how you make friends wherever you go, Miss Holly! The lodge looks great, I'll put it on my list. I'm glad you and Brian had another great Fall road trip. What's up for next year?