Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What's a mother to do?

Tyler decided recently that he wanted to get his ear pierced.... Shoot me now!!

After my initial shock, and some communication between dad, Tyler and myself, we said "okay"!!!

So this morning Ashleigh and I, along with his friend Joci, accompanied Tyler to the mall. We ran in to Sidney and Brooke and took this cute little photo!!

Then off to claire's! Where they wouldn't let me take a picture!!! What's up with that? Isn't every piercing a photographic moment? Don't other people protest this rule? Nothing I said could persuade them to change their policy!
While you aren't able to experience the pain and suffering, or see the crowd of friends gathered round, here is the result of the previous few moments!! Can't even see it, it's so small! Not sure if I like it or not, but don't hate it either. He thinks he likes it, but figures if he doesn't, he'll just take it out and let it close.
He got a nice "ear care" bag with some nice product! He asked me if I'd carry it...NO! He asked Joci...NO! We made him carry the pretty pink bag announcing the deed!!

I did draw up a contract and had him sign it before I'd let him get his ear pierced...

He didn't use his real name, but I know it was him and I'm pretty sure it's legal!!


  1. Priceless. Cannot get the no picture rule though. Very strange. My husband got his ear pierced when he was young. Not sure what age for sure but he has not wore anything in it since I have know him. I think you can only see a little spot if you look very close. Two of my daughters have many holes in their ears. One has one in her nose. I had a very hard time with one set when I was 18. I worked in a hospital office at the time and the girls I worked with took me down to the emergency room and they stuck a needle in my ear to numb it then a larger one to make the hole larger then came the earrings. Who would do another hole after all of that? Everyone just did it at home back then in my small town and I just could not bring myself to do it. Thanks for the advice on my spacing. I tried it but it did not work for me. I'll have to try again.

  2. Love the contract! I happen to think that it would stick in a court of law if need be. You are a good mom Holly.

  3. Pick your battles! I love the contract and yes it is a totally legal and binding contract.

    I traded an ear piercing for babysitting. Eileen used ice, a large needle and the cork of her husbands thermos behind the ear. I think I had to babysit 4 nights to pay for her services.

    Tyler having to carry the bag in the mall was probably punishment enough. funny;)

    After you saw my guys they had car trouble...

  4. Hana and I were LOLing about this! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Holly,
    Thanks for coming by! What have you been up to since the holidays have past? I have finally started tackling my list. About 1/2 done. Keep thinking of something else to add but I refuse until I finish this one. Had all kinds of projects to work on this winter and now I need to wait for Hubs to mend a little before I can. Hoping he will be able to guide me in a little shop work so I can start working on the kitchen around what I know I cannot do. We were suppose to add wainscoting and replace the trim that we took off when we had the new flooring put down after moving in. It takes us a while to agree on projects because we both have different ideas. We have to mull it over and over, no real fighting, just a lot of communication. lol. In the long run if I am patient it goes more my way. Any more fun shopping trips with your buddies?

  6. Lol! OK, the "will only date orphans" line is my favorite! Hilarious. How nice for you to NEVER need to share your beloved with anyone else. :0)