Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Field Trip

Lynda organized a field trip to Snohomish for all of us today. We wanted to see all the cute shops decked out in their Christmas sparkles ! We even had some snow on the way down!!! Our first stop was at a little antique store where we have a favorite ,primitive vendor. She always has great stuff , but unfortunately has now retired.

Not to be deterred, we went to another favorite store, The Speckled Hen. The name alone is "Swoonable" to quote Lynda! It is a darling little store with antiques, primitives, wool, fabric, beautiful displays and the loveliest ladies, one of which was kind enough to take our picture!
Karen and Lynda looked so cute walking in front of me and Terry that I had to snap a picture!
Cute little scoop with a candle tucked inside.

We also went to the Cinnamon Stick and Joyworks, but no photos from there. I should just ask if it's okay to take them, but I don't and then regret it later!!
The lady at the Speckled Hen sent us to a cute little shop in the country called Kackleberry Country Store. It was out in the middle of nowhere, near Granite Falls, but it sure was cute!
A view from the road...the excitement was building and the squealing began in earnest!!

There were cookies, cider, and coffee to greet us upon our arrival and the cutest stuff ever!!!

Candles in hollowed out apples, candles floating in enamelware dishes with cranberries, greenery everywhere...beautiful!

Lynda at the Potter's Shed, looking like Lorilai Gilmore I might add!!

Cute, cute barn all decked out, Christmas music playing in the background.

We got all kinds of goodies, and everything was wrapped with cute tissue paper, put in cute bags with a candy cane tied on with a primitive bow. Gotta love the presentation!!
Fun, fun day with the girls!
We need a name for ourselves, you know, like the Farm Chicks...we'd love to hear your suggestions!!
When I got home, Ashleigh was here for the weekend. We headed out to Lynden Christian for Blue and White night and a spaghetti feed. All the basketball teams, boys and girls, from 7th to 12th grade played exhibition games. There were also alumni games. Two teams of graduates before 2000 and two teams from after 2000. One of Ashleigh's friends from 2006 was there who played for Portland State. Her room mate can't believe that kids in Lynden are as tall as she says they are so we set out to get some proof! So, Ginelle, this pic's for you!!!
Here is Kyle Coston, at 6'8", and Ashleigh at 5'7"!! Asleigh had more than a few girls in her class that were over 6'! And Tyler has a few in his class that are 6'3"! The Dutch are very tall people!!!
We ended the night with the family having coffee at Woods Coffee, which I forgot to take a picture of!!! Home to jammies (for me!), popcorn , a little TV and some ping pong!!!
A pretty great day!!


  1. What a fun little field trip among the busyness of the season. I'm home today cleaning, decorating, displaying and re grouping. Loved having that little refresher! Thank you.

  2. How fun! I love your Christmas decor surrounding your posts. I need to learn how to do some of these changes. I love the shops you visit. I am sitting here trying to think of a name for your great shopping group. How about the rustic hens? Not that any of you are rustic. Just seems to be your shopping venue.
    Well you might not want to be a hen. Probably should toss that one.

  3. Way to go! Taking time to enjoy the season with a girls' field trip- perfect!

    I am trying to think of a name for you girls but it's just not coming...