Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Night to Remember...

And a day to remember!!!

This is a picture of our house at about 11:30 a.m. The wood floor has just been finished and is being cleaned, and the lady on the left is installing all the cabinet doors and drawers. The stove is not hooked up, the island is in the front of the picture, the refrigerator is in the hallway and we're having a party at 6:00!!!!

We HUSTLED!!! Everything in place by 4:00 and then the cleaning...and putting stuff in the cupboards, and decorating a little more outside, and hiding all of my boxes, and PRAYING no one goes in the laundry room or my bedroom!!!!
Last night was TOLO, the winter, semi-formal , all county dance. Tyler and his date, Joci, were going with 3 other couples and I thought it would be fun to have all the parents over for pictures and appetizers. Nothing like a deadline to get you motivated!!! Thank goodness for shrimp trays from the grocery store, as there was no time for me to make anything!!!

Everyone brought something, actually many things...thank you all so much!!!
Eight kids, thirteen parents , a few siblings and friends too, not to mention everyone had a camera! There were so many flashes the neighbors probably thought we were doing fireworks inside!!

Tyler and Joci!

Joci and her pretty nails and flowers...not to mention that smile!

All the guys...Chad, Jesse, Tyler and Max!

All the girls...Kassie, Erika, Emily and Joci!
The cute pose!
The serious pose!

Kassie and Joci...

My goofy, lovable boy!
So cute!!

The whole group...

Heading out to dinner!

It was about 22 degrees outside and these girls didn't have coats on!!!!
They all went to dinner in Bellingham. Only two of the guys can drive with passengers, so it makes for interesting transportation!
We had a great time with all the parents and enjoyed meeting some of them for the first time.
Great food and conversations!
The kids all had a great time, got home safely and before curfew!!!
This is what the kitchen looked like at the end of the night...much improved from the morning! I love how the cabinets turned out and the floor is amazing! We have managed to ding a cabinet already though!!

These rooms are almost finished... a little carpet tuck left, but we love the way it's turned out!!
Now, for the pantry............


  1. Oh my gosh Holly your home is beautiful! I love your colors and the kitchen cabinets and flooring. Our flooring is somewhat similar in color in our kitchen/dining area. But I would love to paint all my oak cabinets white! Hubby says no way. But some new hardware is in the future. You would think in two years I would have more done at our house after the move but it sure takes time. You son and friend all look marvelous. I remember those days. Having three daughters at 3 years apart we sometimes had two at a time getting ready for these dances. Great memories. Have a great week!

  2. "Everyone brought something"- I love it, dear friend. Thanks for your forgiveness...

    Such cute, good, fun kiddos. We are blessed.

    Your house looks amazing. Why didn't you make me start our remodel when you started yours?

    Did you fall over on Sunday?

  3. Your kitchen looks amazing! I thought I was crazy pushing deadlines when I entertain, but you my friend have brought that to new heights!!! The kids look great!

  4. Wow, HOlly Anne, it all looks fabulous!!!!! You are one party loving animal!!!! I don't know how you do it---- fun surrounds you and love for others flows from your dear heart. I was so happy to finally talk to you this morning. You are at the top of my list!!!!! LOVE YOU, lynda

  5. Holly,
    I wanted to stop back in and thank you for your lovely comment you left at my place. Since we had our Christmas party this past weekend I have time to catch up with my posting. You are right love all my grandchildren they bless us so much. And if you thought you lost count 2 of the children in the picture was a niece and nephew. We only have 6. Did I tell you how beautiful you home is? Well it is.