Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas is in the air!!

This doesn't exactly scream Christmas, but bear with me!

Now that the remodel is done, we're moving on to what inspired the remodel in the first place. The leak that damaged the wall in the pantry, and the floor in the kitchen that led to needing to replace it all so we may as well change everything else!! We didn't want to put in the new floor with all the construction going on so now that that's done, we're onto stage 2!! And since we're pulling out the floor we may as well paint the cabinets too!! So this weekend was spent ripping out hardwood, pulling out appliances, cleaning out cupboards and getting ready for the painting and the floor this week.

Brian's dad came and helped on Saturday. Is is really worth the money we save by doing it ourselves? A question often asked!!
The kick-off to Christmas in Lynden really begins with the lighted Christmas parade. It's my favorite Lynden event, not to be missed!! It was soooooo cold! Northeaster blowing all around and well below freezing! Ashleigh's home so we all got to go as a family this year...Yea!!
Pictures are a little dark, but there was quite a turn out. A few thousand people lining the streets for about 15 blocks.

There are floats, cars, tractors, horses and people all lit up! Prizes for certain divisions, etc. It's so pretty!

Big trucks, fire trucks...anything that drives that can have lights on it is usually there!

One of my favorites is the Edaleen Dairy float. A giant bowl of ice cream with the scoop dropping it in the bowl.

And the eggnog being poured into the mug. Flora has a beautiful float too

Tyler ran into his FAVORITE teacher, Mrs. Kroonjte! They have quite an affinity for each other!!

Tyler's friend Joci! (Very cute coat! )

Tyler and Joci are going to TOLO next weekend so Tyler and I went shopping after church.
Things are so technical these days...taking pictures in the dressing room, texting it to her for approval and getting a response all in the matter of a few minutes!

Her dress is red so she requested this outfit!

Our friends Dave and Angie came up from Marysville and joined us for dinner. It's always so nice to see them. Dave is a master story teller and time flies when we're together!

Today is my Grammy's 89th birthday. I forgot to get a picture to post, but will try and find one for later. Got to have a nice phone chat with her . She is just the sweetest thing and such an awesome grandma. I am so blessed!
Ashleigh goes home tomorrow morning. Two finals this week and then off for Christmas break. She'll be working down there for a few weeks and then joining us in Leavenworth and at home for Christmas. So many things to look forward to!


  1. Remodeling over the holiday... yikes!

    Tyler looks so happy to be photographed in a dressing room!
    I heard that pictures for tolo are at your house on Saturday night... if you are in full remodel mode, and Tyler hasn't told you this info...I am sorry! We can have pics here instead.

    We missed the parade, but as we drove into town we met entries leaving so we saw a bit.

  2. Well, hello,there, dear Holly Annie...
    I just went shopping for Tolo tonight with Keaton and boy, did we have fun!!! We had to get white suspenders at Hot Topic. Moms score major cool mom points just entering that place, but then when they do the ever so cool hand clapping jamboree moves to the heavy metal "I hate everyone even myself" music, you really can score!!!! Give those boys a throat lozenger and call it good. Anywho, I enjoyed your pics of the lighted parade. We went to the Nutcracker instead. It was warm and the little ballerinas were darling. Tell Tyler that I think he looks very handsome.
    Love you so much,

  3. Great pics of the parade! its so fun!

  4. i'm so happy that you are finally getting the kitchen you've been waiting for santa to bring you. bummer that he couldn't send his little elves to do the dirty work. there must be cut backs for them too!
    it all looks so PURTEE. can't wait TO GET INVITED OVER! (no, i wasn't being discret. would you expect anything less?) invite me. :)
    your son looks positively handsome. i'm going to wake up one day and that's going to be me, bee-boppin' around the mall with my babies. oh, please stop time now!
    let me tell you, the parade was so nice from the windows of the marin rose. very cozy. plus, the hubs was making 'warm' drinks for us. sorry you had to sit freezing your booty off. good thing you have love to keep you warm. :)