Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Bunco

It was a night to behold...all the glitz and glamor you could imagine as the bunco girls got together for their Christmas party!

This wasn't just any glitz and glamor! No, there were some mighty fine original outfits!!

Annetta, on the right is wearing a bridesmaid dress from , get this, BEFORE she had her four children! Collective gasp, please!! Linda, in the middle, got her dress at the thrift store for $3.00!
Such thrifty and "green" women amongst us!

We started the night at Lee's with drinks and dinner...and Oh so much FUN!! Lee is on the right!
Linda, Jolene and Kristi...

Lydia and Me!

Kisses from my dear friends, Ellen and Lee, the hostesses of the night!

Debbie came as Miss Mistletoe!

Linda and Debbie...

Karen and her friend Foxy! Karen got her entire outfit from her Grandma!

Debbie, Jolene and Holly!

Her sweater came from Grandma she says! Look at that festive drink in her hand!

Carol, my son's Spanish teacher, and Linda

When we arrived, we were given a coupon organizer with some notes and some monopoly money inside. One of the first things we did was vote for the most beautiful. We paid money to the person, based on what we thought she deserved. Debbie, Miss Mistletoe, won!
Little did we know that she had a speech prepared, just in case she needed it!! It was adorable! A little diddy on the history of mistletoe, mistle meaning "dung" and toe meaning "stick". Hence, mistletoe means "dung on a stick". This was very well researched with many facts to back it up! I don't know how she did it, but she kept a straight face and was very serious through the whole thing! I do have video, but have no idea how to load it! Trust me, it was priceless!!!

We got money from banker Ellen, all night, for various reasons: over 50 years old, saying the blessing, singing a Christmas Carol, singing a carol in Spanish!, telling a joke, having a Christmas name, etc.
We also played a really fast dice game and got money for the most points.

Lee's daughter Amy catered dinner for us and it was heavenly good delicious!!
Prime rib, cooked to perfection, glazed carrots with cranberries, an incredible salad, rice was all so good!

Festive drinks which were awesome!! I don't drink and I had two, yes two, glasses of this delectableness! Champagne and cranberry juice combined in to glasses rimmed with crushed candy cane. So festive and like I said, so good!!!!

Amy cleaned up too...more than just the dishes!!! Just kidding-she's posing, not drinking!!!

After dinner, we headed to Ellen's for dessert and prizes.
Aren't these adorable? The cones were rimmed with chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate, filled with chocolate mousse and a marshmallow at the bottom! She shave milk and white chocolate into the bottom of the glasses and stood the cones in them! delicious!!

Beautiful and quite delicious as you can see!!

Doing a silly pose for our annual Christmas picture!

We're heading into our 13th year together, getting together once a month for dinner and games! A lovely group of ladies and such dear friends! How wonderful to have a group of Christian women that share your joys, pray for your weaknesses and are there for you ALWAYS.
Thank you so much girls! It was so fun!

Merry Christmas to you all!!


  1. You ladies know how to turn up the fun-o-meter! Love all the dressin' up and the fabulous foods. Had fun with Ashleigh while she visited. I'm a lucky Auntie M.
    See ya soon Sistah!

  2. That is great! I love my family but the Ladies Nights for Christmas rank at the TOP!
    Everyone looks gorgeous ;)

  3. Woo Hoo - thanks for sharing! I know most of those ladies and I must say there were some beautiful gams hanging out that night!! The best part is the sisterhood in Christ!!!