Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Turkey FAIL!!!

I host Thanksgiving every few years, and while it can be a bit stressful, I actually enjoy hosting. I've been married almost 30 years and have never had a problem...until this year!

My son, daughter and her fiance' all work retail so the day after Thanksgiving is not a day off for them. Traveling around doesn't work as they need sleep and to be at their jobs quite early, or late, or mid-day...all three this year! Brady had to be at work before 3 a.m., Ashleigh started around 9 a.m., and while Tyler didn't work til later, he did have to work until 7 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. So, Brian and I stayed put this year and hosted Thanksgiving at our house. We invited Brady's mom and sister to join us.

I did a lot of work before hand, and even had most of the house decorated for Christmas. Things were clean and put away...really only had to heat things in the oven and cook the turkey. I like to use those big, electric roaster ovens to do my turkey in, which frees up the regular oven for everything else. They cook things really nicely and in a little less time than the conventional oven.

I have two of these roasters and LOVE them...except for this time!

Just before our guests arrived, I noticed that the little red display was no longer showing! Turkey was pretty much raw! What's a girl to do????? Laugh, and laugh some more...we were making memories after all, so they may as well be substantial, right?

Brian ran to the store (thank goodness they were open!) and picked up some of these...

a roasted chicken and a roasted turkey breast! I carved them up and put them on a platter, made gravy from a package and called it good! There were lots of other delightful delectables to round out the table, so all was right with the world!

We had a great time with Brady's family and now we'll be able to say, at future Thanksgiving's, "remember the year the turkey didn't cook?!

 On to Christmas...think I'll do a ham in the oven!


  1. The first year I met my future husband we joined his family at noon on Thanksgiving. My mom was worn to a frenzy to make a good impression over supper, so I cautioned him not to eat too much at his mom's. Well, I guess the thermostat went out on her oven (which she had never opened to check) and the turkey was raw! We all made do with stove top stuffing and instant mashed potatoes, but she was mortified.

    She is gone now, but that is my favorite Thanksgiving memory of her :)

  2. Now that's funny. Perhaps instead of ham, you could do a lovely vegetarian meal. Or what about pasta!!?? Either way you are indisputably Holly-day Central. Your warmth, your charm, your delicious food fills the house with deeeeelight. Love you, Holly!!

  3. Perhaps you should do pasta!!! Love your warmth. Loooove your cheer. Love your sensibilities. Love your food. Love your charm. You are Holly-day Central. Can't wait for the Christmas post!!!

  4. I don't trust a roaster. It's like the pressure cooker fear I have, totally irrational but very real to moi.
    It looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving sans turkey and you rocked the leftovers.

    I have bee trying to comment but it fails on your blog. Do you have me blocked? :)