Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Saturday was our 2nd annual Sibs and Sils Christmas and it was so much fun!!! Sibs and Sils stands for siblings and siblings in law. The brothers and sisters get together in the Seattle area for dinner, white elephant exchange, shopping and coffee. It's low stress and high on fun!

Brian was already in Seattle so I took the train down. Can we pause a moment and talk about how fun that was??? Heavenly delight I tell you! Took my book, my ipod , which is LOADED with Christmas music, a snack and some water. Tyler took me to the station and I was on my way. I L.O.V.E.D. taking the train! Had a seat all to myself, the heater on and just a relaxing way to get to Seattle.

This guy reminded me a bit of George Carlin and Ringo Star, from the days of watching Thomas the Tank Engine with my son!

Brian picked me up at the station and we did a little adventure of our own, before meeting the sibs. We went to Northgate Mall for a bit. I forget how much bigger (and nicer) the malls are down there. I worked at Nordstrom at Northgate for over a year, and then off and on for another few years, but I forgot how nice it is!!
After that we went to Molbaks, a greenhouse/gift shop that really does an amazing job for the holidays. I won't put up all the pics from this year, but you can see last year's here. Just a few of the displays...

Got our buy one/get one coffee at Starbucks and the headed out to meet the Sibs!
Because of the weather, we went to Bellevue Square this year. Met for dinner at Ruths Chris Steakhouse. Lots of great food, and it was happy hour so lots of good deals too!

White elephant is always so much fun!!!!

Brad got this awesome Monkey face alarm clock!


Brian received this lovely afghan...Lynda will appreciate this!

Meg got a foot warmer/massager...barely used!

I was thrilled with my gift...no joke!!! Some lovely reindeer antlers, a light up necklace, some snow and tinsel, and some lovely window clings, which my SIL promptly stole!

Then I got this in the next package. Sadly, no one stole this!

Melissa was fortunate enough to get the "wonderful and delightful" gift that I so lovingly picked out and wrapped!

Some Bah, Humbug toilet paper...everyone should have some!

And this delightful outfit! She promptly put it on! And then proceeded to "enhance" her figure with the leftover wrapping paper!

 Sorry I don't have a picture of you, Shelly, and I can't remember what you got!

A little shopping, and a little music...

 and then it was time for Snowflake Lane...

Every night through Christmas Eve, a performance is put on outside, complete with falling snow!

A drum line put to Christmas music and tons of lights and decorations!

The drummers line the streets and perform for about 45 minutes...quite the workout!
Snow is falling, Santa and his elves are working the crowd. The buildings across the street have performers in the windows and  a light show is happening on all the surrounding buildings!

Very pretty and festive!

We ended the night at Tully's for coffee and dessert.

We brought some adorable cupcakes...but that's all they were...cute. The cake was good, but the frosting was so Bad!!!! Brad took one bite and his lips looked like this! And, it didn't wash off! We all had red teeth, lips, hands, and clothes, if we happened to touch those!

Another wonderful memory!!

Can't wait til next year!

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  1. What fun! It must have been a great time from the train ride all the way to the horrible cupcake!

    We went to the Snowflake Lane thing at Bellevue Square last year and I wanted to get my family there this year but it just didn't work out.... oh well, next year I hope...

    And I've always wanted to go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse... after all that is actually my name! Perhaps if I showed my license they'd let me keep a menu as a souvenir?

    Hope your holidays were fabulous... we'll have to work on a get together as life settles down in the new year :)